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The game of Satta Matka in India

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Everyone loves to play games and there are loads of variety of it available as well. Today when everything is getting digital, the world of entertainment is also not left behind. There are several websites that provides players with an opportunity to play their favourite games while sitting at the comfort of their home. There are many games associated with your childhood memories or the ones played with your bunch of friends or family. One such engaging games of earlier times was Satta Matka, which was a kind of lottery or gambling game. Satta Market was quite popular specially before the Independence but soon it lost its charm when the game became illegal in India as well as various other parts of the country. The future for the game is hopeful and there are chances of removing the regulations completely or partially in the coming years.


Satta Market was prevalent and quite active pre-Independence time, when the game was played physically. At time, it was not about numbers, but placing bets on the cost of cotton that was exchanged from New York Cotton Exchange market to Bombay Stock Exchange. Cotton was then considered to be trading commodity and its price was high as well. Since then, there has been lots of modifications in the format and owing to digitalization, the game today can even be played in online mode. Satta Matka is a local game and due to legal formalities, not many players have active participation in it today, yet there are many online web portals that provides for a common platform to play the game and get results online as well. It is better to play with foreign websites that Indian legalizations won't be a big problem while playing on an Indian website can be risky and illegal as well. All risk factors associated needs to be understood before venturing in the arena as the game gets addictive after certain level of playing.


For a layman, satta matka is gambling or a lottery kind of thing, but it is also a guessing game. If luck favours, the game can be quite interesting and profitable and vice versa, it can be a risky thing as well. Random numbers in between 0-9 can be selected. These are added to make the game more challenging and interesting. The bets are placed on these numbers and by luck if your number is drawn, you can take home a huge amount almost 9 times of your initial investment. To play, there are different kinds of satta market, the most famous and oldest one being Kalyan matka. The difference between these markets lies in their timings for different events like drawing of bets, results etc. You can go for anyone of these markets to play. The rules for the game are pre decided and one has to abide by the same be it any website or any market. Like any other game, there are equal chances of winning and losing, hence one must be ready to face the consequences as the game proceeds. It is all about trying your luck and playing with random numbers. Why Satta Matka?  Not only this game, people in earlier times and even today are attracted towards every other opportunity that allows them to make quick money. Playing games is no rocket science and can be done anyone with an interest for the same, which makes gambling game a favourite among people. Every other form of gambling or lottery has some or the other regulations, hence players must be extra cautious in choosing the right platform. This particular game has been in existence since ages and therefore its popularity today also has not depreciated much. When played online, it becomes even more comfortable and easy. There is no brain work required but you still need to have knowledge about charts and markets. Those who want to reduce the impact of risks can even go for VIP plays. These are pre decided draws where the information about the result or number is informed but a player has to pay additional amount for the details. Satta Matka market as well as various other websites offer such games to interested people. No websites however guarantee only profit and there is no hard and fast rule of applying strategies as well.



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