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The Rocket Science Music Service was officially unveiled by Google. This helps users to discover and buy new songs, as well as exchange it with their Google+ mates. They will also freely submit their new music to the “internet.” Up to 20,000 songs have been uploaded! Users of Rocket Science Music will then download tracks they've uploaded or purchased from the web or other smartphones (phone, tablet, etc…).

How to Use the Google Music Store to Have Your Own Music

It's easy to bring your music into Google Music if you're a CDBaby user. CDBaby can do the streaming of your music for you for free on the Android Market! When you send the music to a new digital partner via CDBaby, there are no additional costs. You don't have to do something if you want CDBaby for digital delivery. They'll submit it to Google on their own. You should pay a $25 charge to Google if you're a control freak who wants to run your account and sign up on your own. Then you build an Android Market store to sell your songs. You can opt-in to CDBaby delivery at a later date if you built the page/store yourself, but you won't get a refund for the $25.

Google Music Explanation

Users will purchase and quickly download music from the “internet” in the new store, which has some interesting features. Your fans would be able to listen to a 90-second preview of each track. Anyone who buys music from the Android Market can also share a free play with their Google+ mates. This is referred to as “Social Recommendations.” The ability to upload and download allows artists to gain new fans and increase revenue across their websites. The Android Market also has a regular giveaway of a free track.

If you're an artist who hasn't signed up for CDBaby yet, you can do so because it eliminates a lot of the work you'd otherwise have to do. CDBaby is one of the few announced launch partners for Google Music. As a consequence, CDBaby is closely collaborating with Google engineers to bring their music library to them through a direct stream. If the feed is ready, the music will begin to stream to Google. One of the advantages of becoming a part of CDBaby is that you save money on the fee. Existing CD Baby musicians are not charged. You will pay the $25 premium if you want to. It is up to you whether you want to do the job or not. Go to build your own Google Music account and profile. You'll be prompted to personalize your website, upload your music, and agree to Google's Terms and Conditions.


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