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Spiti Valley is everybody’s favourite travel spot no matter the weather. In the summer it offers you glacier lakes and green landscapes, while in the winter it blesses your eyes with white beauty and adventure. But we all know that winter in the mountains is a bit hostile compared to summers.  So, it’s important that you are aware of what it’ll be like to visit Spiti Valley in winters. So, get ready to hop on the ride to Spiti Valley with us.

Road Issues

Roads become very slippery during the winter season and thus become more accident-prone. Thus, to prevent such unfortunate events, roads are often blocked varying from a few days to several weeks. Also, since life is so difficult in the Spiti Valley in the winters, people usually skip a Spiti Valley tour if they want to take a trip in the winter season. With less tourists around, any hope of shared vehicles of public transports is gone. So, before planning your Spiti Valley bike trip do your research on weather and then only book the Spiti Valley tour package.


No Mobile Signals and Electricity

The harsh weather leads to the power cut as well as no mobile signals thus leading to no connection from the online world or your friends and family. So, remember to carry sufficient batteries with you and power banks. Keep these batteries in a safe and warm place as they will also get frozen and exhaust themselves otherwise.

Everything’s Frozen

Winter in Spiti Valley is always extreme, and due to the harsh weather conditions, everything is frozen. Yes, you read it right. EVERYTHING. The water in the pipes freezes and toilets are locked for the season. The solution to this problem is to use dry pits. Thus, for the people who have never lived in the mountains, it’ll be a very new experience for you. I’d say it’ll be a MUST-HAVE experience.

Even after all this Spiti Valley turns out to be a life-changing trip for a lot of people. The tough conditions provide you with time and space to feel grateful for all the good things in your life. The locals of Spiti Valley are filled with warmth and their welcoming gesture would make you want to keep a connection with them even when you are back. You’re going to make some of the best memories and friends you can always rely on. So, good luck on your Spiti group tour




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