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The Forgiving Heart

In the book of Genesis we see a prime example of the forgiving heart. 10 Minute Awakening Review Joseph, the second-to-last son of Jacob was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. He worked for a high official in the Egyptian army whose wife accused him falsely of trying to have sexual relations with her. Joseph spent many years in prison because of this accusation. He subsequently interpreted a dream for two of Pharaoh's workers. This eventually led to Joseph being picked to head the food storage program for the upcoming famine.

Meanwhile, Joseph's family was getting close to starvation in a nearby country, and they heard that there was food available in Egypt. So his brothers were sent to get some. Joseph recognized them but his brothers didn't know who he was. After awhile he revealed his identity to his brothers, and then they became scared he would exact revenge for what had been done to him. Instead, Joseph forgave them and provided a place for them to live in Egypt with their families.



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