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The Hidden Gem: Cleanest village in Asia- Mawlynnong

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In our day-to-day lives, we hardly get enough time to appreciate nature! Even if we get the time to do so, we hardly get the chance to visit a place that is not loitered, be it parks, gardens, tourist spots, Hill stations, etc everywhere we see, there will be garbage around. Mountains are not clean anymore, beaches are not beaches anymore and what not!

But don’t worry now we have found the perfect place where you can enjoy nature, where you can truly breathe fresh air and where you can meet new people. This place is indeed a hidden gem of India, far away from the crowd and chaos.

On your next Meghalaya trip, you ought to visit the cleanest village in Asia- Mawlynnog!

Mawlynnog is also known as God’s Own Garden and it is not just the cleanest there are many reasons you should visit this blissful place. Mawlynnong is one of the places with 100 percent literacy and has a strong and amazing initiative for women’s empowerment.


The road from Shillong to the border post of Dawki and eventually to a little town called Pynursla. From this little town, it is a short and beautiful drive to Mawlynnog.


There are some interesting things one can observe in Mawlynnong, on your Meghalaya tour. The lifestyle of villagers of  Mawlynnong is very nice, they maintain and take care of their environment. Use of plastics is prohibited and smoking is not allowed as well. There are bamboo dustbins at various places to maintain cleanliness in the area. 


The biggest tribe is the Khasi tribe and is one of the major attractions in the village.


Mawlynnong is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The living routes are the most spectacular thing in itself. The bridges connect the aerial roots of one giant rubber tree and make a bridge hanging above the river. These bridges take years to self-construct and can accommodate fifty to seventy people at a time.

The ideal time to visit this beautiful place will be the monsoon, where you will see nature at its best. With your Meghalaya Tour Package, you can accommodate to visit this place , as it is worth it!

You can see one of the most magnificent waterfalls on the Meghalaya trip here- the Mawlynnog waterfall. This stunning and exotic waterfall has been protected from human interference. This is one of those mystic waterfalls which will make you feel like in a big movie!


The Sacred Forest of Mawlynnog is one of the attractions which you should explore. It is located in East Khasi Hills. This forest gives its inhabitants medicinal plants and thus it is revered as sacred. The Khasi tribe worships the forest and takes care of the plant grove.


Near this sacred forest is Khasi Heritage Village which comprises varied types and shapes of mock tribal huts. It is one of the best places to visit in Mawlynnong as you would get to learn more about the tribal cultures, the biodiversity and the environment.


Apart from this, there is also a Skywalk located 2km from Mawlynnong. You can witness most of the beauty of Meghalaya from this Skywalk. It is about 85 feet tall and is an eco-friendly ladder-like structure that has been wholly constructed of bamboo poles that have been tied to a tree. Instead of ropes, the bamboo has been tied with jute and bamboo ropes. Tourists are allowed to climb up the Sky Walk and get a bird's eye view of the gorgeous Mawlynnong village as well as the Bangladesh plains.


On your next Meghalaya package try to explore this hidden gem and appreciate nature at its best. Also if you are visiting this beautiful village, one small request. In the recent years this place has been gaining a lot of attraction due to which villagers are benefiting but at the same time it is making things difficult for them as well to maintain their pure village. It would be really appreciated if you could maintain the cleanliness of this place and respect villagers of this place, as this is not just a tourist place it is their everything. Please maintain this and urge other fellow travelers to respect the place.







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