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Valentine was the name of a saint in the ancient Roman Emperor during the rule of Claudius II. The priest was helping the Christian community, who was prohibited from support as per the emperor's orders. The saint was assisting many Christian couples and helped them get married since there was a ban on getting married.

Claudius II believed that the soldiers of the army don't perform to their full potential in the influence of love and married life. Hence he prohibited the soldiers from getting married. Saint Valentine, however, was a believer of love, and he always extended the word about Christianity and how love equals God. The saint helped many soldiers by getting them married and escaping to the army.

When Claudius II got to know about such an act of the saint, he ordered his people to execute the saint and all saints named Valentine. This way, three saints were executed by the emperor on February 14.

As per the writings, later in the 5th century, the catholic church began the celebration on February 14 to honor the sacrifice of all three saints named Valentine. Since then, the day has been celebrated to honor love and compassion.

The Celebration of Lupercalia 

There is another legend behind the celebration of Valentine's day. In the ancient Roman era, there was a festival celebrated called Lupercalia on February 15. This was not a celebration but more of a torture to females and the sacrifice of animals. The animals like goats, dogs, bulls, and more were cut, and their skin was separated.

The soldiers would then beat the women with these skins of animals. They would hold the woman on the ground facing up and slapping her thighs with the hides of the sacrificed animals. In the beginning, it was a ritual believed in making the women fertile, but later it became a matter of fun and fiesta for the soldiers.

Later, this day became the celebration of Valentine's day, and it became the day of love we know today.

Let's uncover the hidden meaning behind the day of Valentine in a Numerological manner.

The Hidden Numerological Meaning behind Valentine's Day

There can be many meanings behind the day of February 14. For example, February is the 2nd month of the Gregorian calendar. In numerology, the number 2 represents relationships and love.

Here the number 14th, which is the day of Valentine, represents communication through many forms such as writing, media, and other forms of broadcasting the information.

When we add these numbers 1 and 4, it becomes a 5. When we add 5 with the February month number, which is 2, it becomes 7. In numerology, the number 7 represents communication, relationships, and spirituality.

In simple words, Valentines day has its roots in spirituality which motivates us toward loving relationships in life and communication, which makes everything possible.

The Significance of Number 7

The significance of the number 7 was always there from history. Even the wonders of the world are kept to 7, such as seven wonders of the world.

As per many beliefs, it is considered that the world was created in six days, and God rested on the seventh day. We also use seven days which form a week. The number 7 also represents the four corners of the Earth and adds up the Trinity making the total of seven.

According to the Korans, there are seven heavens and Muslim pilgrims; people walk around the Kaaba in Mecca seven times.

Seven signifies luck and prosperity; it is the number that is called several times in jackpots because seven is a magical number that people get inclined toward.

In scientific research as well, seven is given importance. In 1956, George Miller of Harvard University mentioned that most people remember the information of seven items that they can remember easily. Hence many countries, including the US, use seven digits phone numbers that people can recall easily.

Even today's technology makes use of the number seven. Many bloggers and authors utilize the number 7 in their write-ups to attract the attention span of readers and first-time visitors. They hence keep the title such as 7 Ways to Success, keep it 7 pages long, and even sell at $7. This way, people who understand the magic of the number seven utilize it to their benefit.

People who are born on 7 of any month tend to become philosophers, astrologers, psychics, social workers, and researchers. These people possess the most innovative and creative abilities, which make them think out of the box, owing them to a very successful career and life.

These may be sensitive people who tend to suppress their emotions. These people, however, have a spiritual and sympathetic nature.

That is how the number seven holds many meanings for the month of February as well as to people in general.


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