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The Hidden Particulars of Ardbeg Ten Years Old- Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Ardbeg ten years old Single malt Scotch whisky is at par excellence, unfiltered and chilled. The Islay malt whisky connoisseurs believe that Ardbeg to be the best in the world of whisky, not just the best. In Ardbeg's eyes, Islay sees Ardbeg. Situated on the untamed Atlantic ocean shoreline, in the southernmost point of islay, is the Ardbeg distillery. It's an ancient land, Islay. Where early distillers secreted their unlawful aquavite at Ardbeg's rocky cove, and Celtic monks took refuge from attacking Norsemen. Whereas the Macdougalls of Ardbeg, the forefathers of our magnificent and noble whisky, sprang from the clan kings known as the Lords of the Isles, who governed most of Scotland between the 12th and the 15th century. Ardbeg is descended from Islay. Our current state is infused with the island's past.


All across the globe, Ardbeg is considered as the smoky, peatiest and most intricate whisky that is accessible. It does not however show off the peat, rather the peat yields to the malt, who's inherent sweetness creeps in and creates the ideal balance. Many individuals think that Ardbeg's balance and complexity makes them an ultimate Islay Malt. It also comes from the peculiar spirit that remains with its purifier, being the sole one sought on Islay.


The majority of whiskies are usually lowered to 40% abv upon being chill-filtered. However, Ardbeg 10 years old is not child filtered and has a 46% abv strength, which preserves maximum flavour while also adding greater body and depth. There may be a slight cloudiness after adding water, but this is normal and shouldn't be concerning.


Remarks on Taste


A sudden release of very smokey fruit into the air? Peat encased in waxy dark chocolate and flavoured with tangy lemon and lime. Sharp black pepper and menthol cut through the pleasant smoke, then tarry ropes and graphite. Savour the scent of crispy bacon, baked pineapple, and smoked salmon with green bell peppers and part juice.


While you add water to it, the marine minerality releases a refreshing, briny sea spray. Beeswax, coal tar soap and herbaceous pine forests come next, along with waxed lemon & lime. Warm hazelnut and almond toffee simmers with toasted vanilla and sizzling cinnamon. From beginning to end, Ardbeg is an incredible ride. You should taste something different from this incredibly affordable Islay peated whisky each time you pour a sip. Something as simple as a mouthful of dark chocolate, tobacco smoke, crispy bacon, etc. The ticket to Flavour Town is Ardbeg 10 in each way.



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