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Google is constantly updating its Messenger app (Google Messages) with new features. Google Message will have many features in the coming days available in big and popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. The upcoming feature of the Google Message app is revealed in the code of the Google Play Store. The app will have two significant features: pinning a chat and star a message. Earlier in November last year, Google had released end-to-end encryption for the messaging app.

XDA developers have received the code for the app’s APK file, which has revealed the features are coming for the app. The report said that the update version number 8.1.050 of Google Message would have both these features, though Google has not given any official information about the two features so far.

Google is currently testing both these features. You will be able to pin three chats just like WhatsApp after the new update. Those chats will always look at the top after pinning, though it is also possible that Google may also change the number of chats that pin during the launch. If the number of chats further increased, users will surely love it as nowadays people have more groups and chats that they want to pin, and it is not yet clear that either you can pin group chats in this new feature.

In addition to pin chat, users will also get the option to star mark a chat. If a user finds a message necessary, he can mark it with a star. All the messages marked by the star will appear in a different section. This feature is also an important one as it has a different section for starred conversation, and that will indeed create a difference, right now; in messaging app, the message only gets starred, so if here the whole conversation moves under the starred section, then it will surely going to help the user to sort the messages as starred and regular conversations for them. 

Earlier, Google has released an update for the Android messaging app Google Message, after which messages will be divided into categories. For example, all OTP messages will appear in one place and a different place for transaction messages. Samsung first released this feature. This feature then came into iOS 14.

With the news of Android 12, the other Google apps are constantly getting new updates and features, and this one is the recent example of a frequent update. Google has not made this new update official, but it will surely do it in the upcoming days.

Let’s hope this update will be available soon and with more than three chat pin options so that users will feel it like an update as the three-chat pin option is already available in other messaging apps, and people will find it unique if more than three chats can be pinned.

Fitbit Now Monitor Your Snoring Pattern

The 3.42 version of the Fitbit app has been released on the Google Play Store with claims to
monitor sleeping patterns better. Now the Fitbit app will tell you if you are getting a good night’s sleep.

After the new update, the app will have the feature of Snore and Noise Detect. After turning it on, the microphone of your fitness band or smartwatch will turn on while sleeping, and this microphone will find out how hard you snore.

The microphone of Fitbit’s fitness band will monitor the noise while sleeping, including the sound of snoring. As soon as the microphone finds out that the noise is higher than the baseline, it will first check whether the sound is snoring or any external noise. This feature will not work if the external voice in your room is more than snoring.

The snoring report will be divided into three categories by the Fitbit app, the first of which is None to mild, which means that you snore only 10 percent while sleeping. Moderate means 10–40 percent, and frequent means more than 40 percent. The percent will be determined according to your entire bedtime. If your partner snores and the fitness band you are using, you may see a difference in results.

Source  :-  https://setupforoffice.co.uk/two-products-get-an-update-from-google-find-out-how-useful-they-are-for-you/


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