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A YouTube video in which a young child is biting his older brother’s finger will now be removed from YouTube forever. The video has been sold as a non-fungible token of NFT. NFT is a cryptographic token available only online. That is, if someone has some unique content, their content can be sold as NFT. The baby video has earned Rs 5.54 crore in the auction.

The 55-second video shows two brothers; it is dated as of 2000. A total of 800 million views have appeared on this video so far. In that case, the video has now received a massive amount of money. The video is still available on YouTube, but it will be deleted soon.

The video is called ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ and has been auctioned so far in 11 countries of the world. The final round took place between meme master and 3fmusic. Finally, 3fmusic got original rights to this video.  NFT can be purchased with the help of blockchain technology, i.e., digital assets.

What is in the video

The 55-second viral video has received a huge amount. It shows two brothers, one named Harry, while the other is Charlie. When elder brother Harry puts his finger in younger brother Charlie’s mouth, Charlie bites him for the first time, but Harry doesn’t hurt, but the second time the pressure is so high that Harry starts crying because of the pain.

This video is being liked a lot on YouTube. The video has received several million views on Facebook, while the video was shot 14 years ago today. Talking about the auction of the video, the family said they would use the money for the college funds of both their boys.

How NFT Is Formed

NFT is a mix of art and the digital world in a way. When your art is established in the digital world, people see something unique in it; it is declared as NFT. Comparing it to Bitcoin, it is a token like a cryptocurrency. But this token does not appear. You can buy and sell it without seeing it; you can make huge profits.

This digital token receives a valid certificate of ownership. The art of any person whose art comes into this category gets a certificate of ownership. At the same time, all the rights associated with that art go to its owner. The digital certificate concludes that it can’t be duplicated. In a way, it gives copyright rights.

The iconic video is the latest in the NFT mania list. Disaster Girl Zoe Roth, popular as the girl smiling while a house in the framework burned in a popular Internet meme, made almost $500,000 by selling an original copy of the meme as an NFT.

The picture is taken in 2005 in which a four-year-old Zoe Roth is standing in the foreground, smirking almost devilishly while a house seemed to be on fire in the backdrop. Roth went on to become the most viral meme faces on the internet. Roth is now the disaster girl for the netizens, and no matter whatever the disaster, Roth’s picture is used as a symbol for the same.

Now when “Charlie Bit my Finger” is getting removed, the earnings from the video in Digital Currency shows that the videos which are unique and simple also get millions of views on YouTube. People have found several strange videos on YouTube that are not useful, but sometimes they are funny, and if not even funny, they are still getting views, and people are earning fame and money from it.

Source :-  https://www-webroot3.com/the-highest-earning-video-on-youtube-is-getting-removed/


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