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When the X-Byte took a baby step in the year of 2012 in web scraping industry, nobody was aware of the sector in spite of having huge demand of the data in the world. There was only some web scraping service provider companies who were fulfilling customer’s needs by delivering accurate data. Even though, the speed, accuracy, data maintenance were ignore by them. By establishing the mark in web scraping, X-Byte initiated their journey by scraping 3 Millions of web pages per month data from the web and delivering to customer.

Holding a strong performance, infrastructure, human power and leveraging the latest technologies, it was very difficult to stop X-Byte by delivering the user-centric services. Walking along with the latest tools and technology, year by year, X-Byte has improvised skills, techniques and speed. From extracting 3 Millions of web pages in 2012 to 100 Million of web pages in 2019, that’s how X-Byte has footprint their steps in the web scraping industry.


WebPages Crawled per Month









Here are the most demanding domains that are crawled:

1. E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce platform is the biggest assets for any retailers or organization. It propels the retailers, sellers and distributors to boost the sales and revenue. When the web scraping is applied to any e-commerce platform, it opens the door for retailers by providing price monitoring and brand & reputation monitoring.

With price monitoring service, you can extract the price, catalogue, inventory levels, availability and get the efficient web data extraction services that leverage online information for your success.

By leveraging the brand monitoring services, you can monitor and collect the information from online to enable micro or macro level decision. Once you gather data with web scraping, you can have the data report of the product and can tweak their launch marketing campaign to enhance visibility.

2. Social Media Platforms

The trend of Social Media has grown very swiftly and has become an essential part of personal as well as professional life. Every organization is very active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Thus, the web scraping industry has left its no stone unturned in social media.

Social Media Monitoring plays a vital role nowadays in the various industries. Social Media monitoring extracts the user’s emotions, their feelings, their thoughts, hashtags, and social media trends. This helps to monitor posts, send alerts, and analyze social media trends that can be helpful to you to create any strategy on social media. Thus, social media extraction or extracting data from social media websites has made social media data mining easy and business effective.

5. Other Websites

There are many other websites like news portals, classified, auction, search engines, online business directories, and so on also gives you the data of your wish. They also contain various types of data which might be used for multiple organizations.

The extracted data from various websites can be integrated into the business to achieve the future business goals and objectives.

What Will Be The Future of Web Scraping?

Data is the new oil in recent times. Many industries or organizations are hungry for data. Therefore, we extract the data from the internet, process and turn into actionable insights. The internet has become an ocean of data where more data is generated every second.

Now any organization or company are able to fetch the data they want with the help of web crawler/bot, API, standard libraries and crawling software, as long as it’s publicly available on the web.

The demand for web data by companies increase day by day and that keeps driving the web scraping industry, bringing new markets, jobs, and business opportunities.

However, we can’t deny the fact that as far as there is an internet, the web scraping can never be faded. It’s still unpredictable and volatile at the moment, as to how web scraping and data crawling will take its shape in the market.

So in the end, there is no doubt that the internet and web scraping are and will always keep going along like this with each other in the foreseeable future.

For more visit: https://www.xbyte.io/the-history-of-web-scraping.php


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