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The impact of Hugo point pressure point massage knead


Hugo point is the main aggravation control point in the body, so the review was performed to decide the impact of Hugo point knead on respiratory volume and the aggravation force after chest tube situation.

Materials and techniques

The review was proceeded as a randomized hybrid clinical preliminary on 61 patients with a chest tube. Patients were put in each 2 h through the ternary stage block once under a bogus point tension, when under a Hugo point pressure, and once without mediation. Information were gathered utilizing a survey of segment, clinical data, the Numerical Pain Rating Scale, and spirometry. Examination of change with rehashed measures was utilized to break down the information.


There was no huge distinction in the agony force previously and during the mediation between the three gatherings. Be that as it may, after the mediation, the mean aggravation force in the benchmark group was higher than the Hugo and fake treatment gatherings (P < 0.001), and the mean aggravation power in the fake treatment bunch was higher than in the Hugo bunch (P < 0.001). There was no tremendous distinction between the three gatherings as far as the pace of rising and maintenance season of spirometry ball the multiple times previously, during, and after the intercession.


Hugo point knead diminishes the aggravation power; in any case, significantly affects their respiratory volume. Hugo point knead is prescribed to decrease the seriousness of agony in patients with chest tube.

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Chest wounds are lethal because of difficulties like hemothorax and pneumothorax. 85% of patients with chest injury can be treated with a rounded tracheotomy . Numerous patients who go through chest medical procedure will require a postoperative chest tube. The chest cylinder can forestall extreme pneumonic inconveniences. This gadget normally emerges inside 24-48 h after medical procedure . The presence of a chest tube is indispensable for patients be that as it may, patients are frequently unfit to inhale profoundly because of agony at the site of chest medical procedure , thusly patients with chest tube are in danger for atelectasis. Atelectasis is one of the most well-known confusions of lung medical procedure after chest medical procedure, which diminishes the useful limit of the lungs . Hacking and profound breathing can bother torment in these patients . The worsening of torment additionally causes more trepidation and uneasiness in the patient .

Help with discomfort is perhaps of the most established human need and has the most noteworthy need in nursing care . The International Assembly of Nurses specifies help with discomfort as one of the obligations of nursing . Legitimate torment the board can work on the infection and the personal satisfaction after medical procedure. Then again, uncontrolled torment can cause ongoing agony after medical procedure . One of the most well-known techniques for postoperative agony control is pain relieving, yet because of its secondary effects, reciprocal medication is suggested .

Pressure point massage is one of the most established strategies for integral medication. This strategy is without the utilization of medications. It is modest, safe, and bother free . Needle therapy is one of the parts of corresponding medication in which hand or finger pressure is utilized rather than a needle and it works in view of needle therapy focuses . As per customary Chinese medication, the body's essential energy, called “chi”, moves through channels called meridians. At the point when this energy is obstructed, it brings on some issues like agony. Back rub of specific pieces of the body 부천오피 can be utilized to adjust this energy in the body. Hugo Point is one of the focuses that lead to energy equilibrium and relief from discomfort. Hugo is one of the tension marks of the colon energy channel called the internal organ 4 (LI4) and is situated between the first and second metacarpal bones (between the thumb and index finger) .

Spirometry is expected to work on pneumonic capability in gas trade and oxygenation nonetheless, most patients can't inhale profoundly in view of agony at the site of chest medical procedure.

Different examinations have been performed on the viability of Hugo guide pressure point massage toward lessen torment . Because of the absence of an investigation of the impact of Hugo tension on the chest tube torment, we led a review to decide the impact of Hugo knead on the respiratory volume and the aggravation power in patients with the chest tube.


The outcomes showed that the aggravation force in Hugo point knead and bogus point rub was not exactly the non-rub technique, and in Hugo point rub was lower than the misleading point rub. In this review, we likewise saw a lessening in patients' agony in patients who utilized the bogus point rub strategy, which could be because of the presence and backup of the intervener and the patient's feeling of quiet. Predictable with the consequences of the concentrate in Sharifirizi et al's. study, disease patients going through bone marrow biopsy in the fake treatment bunch likewise detailed a huge decrease in torment after rub in regions other than LI4 and HT7 focuses for the mediation bunch. In legitimizing this end, they have expressed that the potential purposes behind this could be mediation spellbinding, patient security because of the presence of the specialist, or the impact of Hawthorne .

As to constructive outcome of Hugo point pressure point massage knead on diminishing the agony force in patients in the chest tube at the expiratory stage, no comparable review has been performed up until this point, be that as it may, in accordance with the constructive outcome of Hugo point pressure point massage rub on lessening torment in different illnesses in accordance with the aftereffects of the investigation of Akgün et al. , the pressure point massage bunch (P6 and LI4) had the most reduced present cesarean aggravation looked at on the fake treatment bunch and the benchmark group . Likewise, in many examinations, Hugo point knead affects decreasing regular labor and post-cesarean torment . Ganji et al. in an efficient survey concentrate on detailed that to decrease work torment with more certainty can utilize pressure point massage back rub of spleen 6 and Hugo focuses contrasted with different places (gallbladder 21, bladder 32, and bladder 63) on the grounds that these focuses have been utilized in many examinations with OK legitimacy .

Borzou et al. detailed that Hugo point pressure point massage rub actually lessens the aggravation of needle addition in arteriovenous fistulas in hemodialysis patients . In such manner, Raddadi et al. inferred that strain back rub of LI4 and BL32 focuses lessen the aggravation of patients when intramuscular infusion of penicillin contrasted with the benchmark group . As opposed to the aftereffects of this review, Sharif Nia et al. didn't notice a huge contrast in that frame of mind of torment of leukemia patients during testing between the two gatherings of back rub treatment and control after 12 meetings of mediation , likewise, concentrate on Ramezani et al. entitled pressure point massage at point LI4 has not been successful in that frame of mind after cesarean area . One reason for the contrast between the consequences of these investigations and our review is the kind of sickness or the mark of back rub. Then again, the utilization of mix techniques, for example, ice can build the adequacy of back rub treatment.

The consequences of this study showed that Hugo point knead significantly affected respiratory volume. A comparable report has not been performed on the impact of back rub treatment on respiratory volume, yet as per the consequences of this review, the investigation of Sharifizari et al. showed that back rub of LI4 and HT7 focuses in malignant growth patients going through bone marrow biopsy had a critical decrease in torment yet significantly affected patients' breath and circulatory strain . Be that as it may, in opposition to the aftereffects of this review, Polastri et al. showed that manual back rub in constant obstructive pneumonic sickness (COPD) works on dynamic expiratory volume and frees brevity from breath . Likewise in the investigation of Nekooee et al. , there was a tremendous distinction in the mean of spirometric lists (constrained imperative limit (FVC) and constrained expiratory volume (FEV) in the back rub bunch toward the start and following one month of follow-up, and specialists report that everyday back rub can further develop aviation route strength, decrease aviation route responsiveness, and further develop asthma control, subsequently, the utilization of this strategy can lessen the utilization of nonsensical medications and can be considered as a corresponding technique to pharmacological strategies .

One of the restrictions of the review was the appraisal of torment power in light of self-report, which might be impacted by torment edge and different physical and mental circumstances. This was past the control of scientists. One more constraint of this study was the incident of testing with the plague of Covid-19, which caused a prolongation of the examining time, trouble of a patients because of ominous physical and psychological circumstances.

One of the qualities of this study is the expense adequacy of Hugo point knead 서울오피 and its harmlessness. It is recommended that different techniques for integral medication be utilized to decrease torment and work on patients' respiratory status.


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