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How planets affect climate change and health problems

Pollution is getting worse because there are more people, which is bad for our health. People are affected in different ways by different diseases. Astrology says that the moving of the planets in our solar system has an effect on our bodies. This piece goes into detail about how certain planets are linked to certain diseases. We also look at ways to avoid getting these diseases.

How Mercury Fits In

Mercury rules our central nervous system and solar plexus. It is smart and has a good memory. But climate change and pollution can lessen its effect, which can cause problems with the solar plexus and nervous system, stomach issues, skin diseases, mental weakness, and other health problems. Also, study has shown that more pollution makes it more likely that young children will develop schizophrenia, while older people may be more likely to get diabetes. To lessen these affects, it's important to protect your health and cut down on pollution.

How Jupiter Fits In

Yellow and blue are mixed together to make green. Yellow is the color of Jupiter, and eating yellow foods like oranges, bananas, and yellow grains makes the body feel better. Also good for mercury are vegetables. Jupiter is in charge of the liver, blood flow, fat deposits, being overweight, the kidney, and the thigh. The liver gets stronger when you eat things that are linked to Jupiter. In the past, doctors would give medicine based on the time of Jupiter. Doctors today write the letter “R” on prescription slips before giving out medicine. This letter stands for Jupiter, which is thought to protect people from major surgeries.

Saturn's Function

Saturn is symbolized by the color blue, which cools, calms, tightens, and kills germs. Its cleansing qualities help stop rotting, body aches, fever, cholera, sunstroke, skin problems, pimples, and chronic sores. Saturn is in charge of the teeth, bones, feet, knees, ribs, nails, glands, hair, and minerals. Adding blue foods to your diet, like potatoes, barley, rai, mustard oil, or black gram grains, can help you feel stronger and bring in good vibes from Saturn.

How to deal with them?

Red, yellow, and blue are the three main colors. When you mix these colors together, you get secondary colors like black, which can block all rays. Red is a sign of Mars, yellow is a sign of Jupiter, and blue is a sign of Saturn. All of these have an effect on a person's physical health. Red warms, wakes up, opens up, and works as a tonic. It makes the nervous system work better and controls how the blood moves through the body. It is also very important for boosting the lymphatic nerve system. Eating red foods like apples, strawberry yogurt, red beans, and red veggies can help with a cold feeling in the body, as well as constant nervousness, cough, cold, and impotence. When red and yellow are mixed together, they make orange, which is also hot, but not as much as red. Orange also makes the nervous system work better and controls how the blood moves through the body. Indigo and violet are two of nature's coolest colors. Indigo, which is made by mixing red and blue, is an antiseptic that brings down fever, improves the nervous system, and stops thirst. Violet goods help people sleep better, make more red blood cells to fight anemia, and keep mild tuberculosis problems from getting worse.

In conclusion, the effects of planets on climate change and health problems are complicated and have been studied for hundreds of years. Even though there is still a lot to learn about how the planets affect our world, it is clear that they have a big effect on the environment and our health. The planets are strong forces that can affect our lives in many ways. They can do this through the colors they represent, the food and drink we eat and drink, or the qualities they have. We need to do more study and learn more about these connections if we want to solve important problems like climate change and health. Talk to our best astrologers to learn more about how the planets affect us.

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