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The importance of accountability and practicing good habits to achieve success

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In all successful organizations, the workforce is accountable for their actions. To have real accountability as part of your company's culture means that you have a genuine efficient team working towards their goal. Accountability means you have trust and honesty in your company, reducing tensions and risks. Achieving accountability may be simple, but it is challenging. 

The importance of accountability in the workplace is about creating a proactive atmosphere where each is responsible for their actions. Imagine that you have a project where you have a team working. The team comprises many different individuals with different skills and experiences. Somehow the project starts to derail from its usual course, but no one is taking responsibility for correcting the mistakes. If you have an accountable team, everyone will jump in to provide solutions and manage the errors that have already occurred. 

Accountability is essential in the workplace to achieve your goals, and it also empowers your employees when they think they're part of the culture and responsible for success.

Habits for success and to achieve accountability 

Achieving accountability is all about practicing good habits and behavior. In your company, you need to have a culture that values accountability. Here are certain habits for success that successful companies practice.

  1. Organization – A habit of any successful Company is about having “organization.” The employees in the company plan the tasks before they take action. The company makes room for priorities and goals. Each company has its to-do list provided to the employees so they can get ready for the week.

  2. Me time – Every successful company provides opportunities to the workforce so that they can relax in a stress-free zone. Give them opportunities to meditate and develop habits to help them take a breather or balance their stress.

  3. Proactive – Employees in all successful companies are proactive and make it a habit to take action whenever their plans do not go as per their expectations.

  4. Personal care – Companies should ensure their employees have time for their responsibilities. Also, allow them to meet other successful people and discuss and communicate their problems.

Accountability as a practice 

There are several other habits that one can take up to achieve success in their life. This includes waking up early, communicating, and also reading. However, practicing accountability is about taking responsibility for your own life. Pay as much attention to your personal life as you do to your professional. A balance has to be created to help you reduce the stress in your life and create good habits. 

As an employer, the best way to implement accountability is to –

  1. Provide a clear definition of the expectations to your employees. Make them understand what they are accountable for and the consequences of their actions.

  2. Set as many goals as possible for every group of your employees and a time limit. Make sure that every employee is monitored and that they are delivering on time. Provide feedback on their progress and also compliment them on their work.

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