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Copyright laws in India essentially protect an individual’s intellectual property. Unlike your car or real estate property that can be seen and are tangible, intellectual properties like a musical composition or the conceptualization of a movie, or thoughts that go into a dramatic production cannot be seen or touched. For example, if you have created a manuscript of a novel that is yet to be published, you as the original creator have ownership of the literary work. 

However, if someone you have shown your unpublished work to, decides to do one over and claim ownership, how do you tackle that?  Similarly, what happens when your ideas and expressions are “stolen” by someone else? Copyright laws could be your ultimate sanctuary and the biggest help in getting the credit for what is rightfully yours. With a valid copyright registration certificate, you could present irrefutable evidence in a court of law and emerge the winner. There are several advantages of copyright laws in India that are especially beneficial for original content creators across several industries, ranging from music and theatre to literary ventures and cinematography. 

How Do Copyright Laws In India Protect Your Intellectual Properties?

  • Legal Protection: First and foremost, copyright laws provide legal protection to your intellectual properties. If on the unfortunate occasion another individual or organization is claiming credit for your work, you can always take legal action and rest assured that you will be on the winning side. The Copyright Act of 1957 states that with the right copyright registration document, you can get a prima facie validity, once the registration is sanctioned by the copyright registrar.
  • Preventing Unauthorized Use: Copyright laws in India prevent unauthorized use. This means that only those organizations and individuals with direct sanction from the rightful owner will have complete access and permission to use the brand logo or a specific symbol or the design that they want to implement. Since copyright laws are applicable for tangible and design patents, it protects your inventions and manufactured products from being claimed by someone else.  It restricts the reproduction and reuse of your intellectual property.
  • Enhanced Branding And Creating A Customer Base: With the implementation of copyright laws in India, branding and expanding brand awareness has become a lot more simple and easy. With a population of over 1.5 billion people, India is a place where counterfeit goods always find buyers. Copyright laws help you protect your brand and company’s reputation if and when there is a consumer case or if some other agency claims to be your partner when in reality, they are not associated at all. This way you can also establish the quality of their work and create a loyal customer base.
  • Remuneration and Royalties: With copyright laws in India, you can rest assured that you reap the results of your hard work. This is even more applicable to platforms like YouTube where content creators use a curtain track or a clip produced by another individual. The royalties from such videos go to the legal wonder’s account rather than those reusing the content.  

If you have further questions about the several copyright laws in India, book an appointment today and keep your intellectual property safeguarded and sheltered from scavenging eyes!


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