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If your business has a fountain beverage system, then adding a fountain beverage water filtration system should be a no-brainer. These filters have countless advantages for store owners beyond just ensuring that drinks from a fountain are safe to drink. If you are on the fence about adding one of these systems to your system, there are a few important factors to consider.


Safer Water
One of the most important benefits of any filtration system is safety. Even if you have municipal water, that is not a guarantee that your water is going to be safe. Aging infrastructure and other factors can all introduce contaminants to your water between the treatment plant and your store. Adding a water filtration system can help address these issues and keep your beverages safe.

Fountain beverage water filtration systems can also help to keep your store open and serving beverages even in the event of a boil water notice. This can help you save valuable business and keep your customers safe. Having filtration systems that meet certain standards can also help to protect businesses from litigation, as meeting standards in filtration can serve as proof that your beverages could not be the source of waterborne diseases like those caused by parasitic cysts.

Less Maintenance
Another huge benefit to using a filtration system with your fountain machine is that it can help cut down on maintenance costs. One of the most common issues that water-based appliances face is scale build up. This occurs when hard water passes through the system and some of the metal ions in the water form salts that stick to the inside of your appliances. Eventually this can create a hard, rock-like build up that can cause clogs and other problems.

Filtered water naturally contains less of these metal ions, meaning scale build up should decrease. Some filtration systems will also be specifically designed with water softening beads to combat this problem in areas where the water is abnormally high.

One of the most important reasons to invest in a filtration system is also one of the most overlooked: consistency. Almost all major bottling plants start their process with filtered water. That is one of the reasons why every time you drink a soda, it tastes the same. If you have multiple locations, your customers will expect consistency from their fountain drinks and using filtered water will ensure that no matter where a customer is placing an order, they receive similar tasting beverages.

Even if you only have a singular location, your water quality can vary drastically throughout the day. The levels of sanitation compounds in your water, which can cause chlorine taste and odor, vary throughout the day. In some areas, a beverage bought in the morning and the evening can taste drastically different. Using filtered water is one of the best ways to eliminate this variation.

Finding the Right System
If you are considering purchasing a fountain beverage water filtration system for your business, consider a high quality Everpure system. These water filters are a great choice for a number of reasons, including the fact that the hardware is an investment in your business' future. Everpure uses a standardized filterhead. This means that once you have an Everpure system, you can easily upgrade to a new cartridge to meet the growing needs of your business without the need for new hardware.

If you want to see some great fountain machine filtration options, visit efilters. Their team of filtration experts can help you find the perfect system to meet the needs of your business.

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