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Motorcycle tyres in Sri Lanka are crucial for a comfortable journey as they absorb the impact of irregular road surfaces which is quite common in Sri Lanka! Make sure you purchase motorcycle tyres that are recommended by the manufacturer of your motorcycle and always stick to the recommended size. It is quite common for some owners to opt to purchase larger tyres than the recommended size, but doing this can significantly damage your suspension over time and also cause excessive fuel consumption, so, by all means, make sure you avoid this and stick to the recommended size instead!

Motorcycle tyres are responsible for carrying the load of your whole motorcycle and they must be of the highest standard to meet the demands of braking and acceleration while keeping you completely safe! Wondering how to choose the right motorcycle tyres? It really is quite simple and apart from sticking to your motorcycle manufacturer’s recommendations, you should also pay attention to the types of roads you will be travelling on. For instance, you should not opt for low profile motorcycle tyres in Sri Lanka as roads are not as smooth and can be quite bumpy. Using low profile motorcycle tyres on these types of roads can result in an extremely uncomfortable journey and you’re more likely to be susceptible to a blowout. Opting for side-walled motorcycle tyres instead would be a better idea as they absorb the impact from potholes etc, resulting in a much smoother ride and a lower risk of damage! 

It is important to change your motorcycle tyres as recommended by the manufacturer, but also by paying close attention to the condition of your tyres as they are crucial for keeping you safe by providing excellent grip on both dry and wet roads! If you’re wondering if it’s time to change your motorcycle tyres, take a good look at your tire treads. A simple way of being able to tell if they have done their time is by checking if you can comfortably insert a coin into the grooves of your tyre. If the coin doesn’t travel significantly between the tire threads, they are too shallow and will be not providing you with enough grip to keep you safe and it’s time you change your motorcycle tyres!

As mentioned earlier, you should also remember to change your tires according to the recommendations of your motorcycle manufacturer. Most often, vehicle manufacturers recommend you change your tyres every six years, while when using a high-quality, durable brand of motorcycle tyres, the tyre manufacturers recommend you change it every ten years. There is no set rule, so make sure you do your research and make a decision based on the model of your motorcycle and the tyre brand you’ve been using!


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