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Practicing Martial Arts, especially Muay Thai whether through participating or sparring, in any competition should always begin with a warmup session and also known as stretching in martial arts. While warmup seems inconsequential, they play a major role in the success of the sparring tournament or any other session. Warmups are not intended to build muscles or burn calories. Hence they might seem irrelevant to a discipline like Muay Thai or martial arts. 

How do Warmups and Stretching in Martial Arts prepare us for training? 

  1. Endurance 

Warmups improve endurance and the students who warm up before training experience several benefits. Warmups increase the temperature of blood as it travels through the muscles. Oxygen then becomes readily available to working muscles. 

  1. Warmup enhances speed and strength 

Students who warm up before starting martial arts training reduce their risk of overstretching their muscles and causing injury. 

  1. Warmups boost energy 

Hormones like epinephrine and cortisol are responsible for producing energy in the body. Stretching in martial arts increases the production of these hormones. 

  1. Mental Preparation 

Stretching in martial arts helps you heal mentally, thinking out using different techniques in a warmup session goes a long way and is helpful for preparing you both mentally and physically.

  1. Increased Flexibility 

Regular warmups should be followed by stretching. Blood flow to the muscles increases throughout the session of stretching. In return, the flexibility of the body increases in both the long and short term. 


Muay Thai students must always start with the movements that work the larger muscles in the body. Examples of recommended general movements are high knees, active squats, and ninja jacks. Kingdom Martial Arts Academy is a platform that teaches adults, teens, and females according to their own bodies. 


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