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We all know that old vehicle is scrapped and dismantled. And these vehicles are also recycled in some way or another. Most of the time we take no pains to know what happens with your scrapped vehicle after you discard it. But you will be surprised to know that there are some hidden facts about your scrapped cars which are sure to impress you about the car recycling procedure overall.

Surprising facts about car recycling!

Are you in a dilemma as to what to do with your old car? Then giving it for scrapping is actually a great idea. The Wreckers Auckland providing cash for cars lets you have a good sum in exchange for it. And since they are totally reliable and pick up the vehicle from your doorsteps, they are all the more recommended. But before that, do know some surprising facts about the car recycling process which will surely astonish you.

  • The astonishing figures of recycled cars each year — Did you know that common people today are being more aware of car scrapping and recycling? And if you want proof of this, you will be surprised to know that vehicles worth more than 25 million dollars are getting recycled annually.
  • The amount of steel we produce —Another very positive thing about car scrapping and recycling is the production of useful metals through it. You will be surprised to know that annually the cars that we recycle provide us with steel that is enough to produce around 13 million new cars.
  • The huge amount of oil saved through recycling — Great news! Though we are very sure that you check each and everything in your car before you send it for scrapping, the recyclers or car scrappers do find around a bucket full or ten liters of oil or leftover fuel in each of the cars that are sent for recycling. Ergo, the recycling process of scrapped cars saves around 80+ million barrels of oil in a year.
  • Cars are the most recycled material globally — You’ll be aware that globally the materials recycled and reused are growing rapidly. But vehicles or specifically cars still occupy the top position here. They are the most recycled material in the globe.
  • Most parts of your car are recycled — If we believe the studies, nearly 80% of the scrapped cars’ parts are recycled. This means more than half of your scrapped car is put to use and only 20% is given for junk.
  • 98% of your car batteries are reused— Around 98% of the cars’ batteries are always reused and recycled. This means if you remove these before giving it for scrap, then you can sell these in exchange for good money.

Can you believe these astonishing figures and the most surprising facts about car recycling? Well, even we were shocked to read them. But yes, these are true, and this ultimately leads to the conclusion that recycling cars is actually the best step to take when you have an old vehicle parked in your garage.


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