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“Machismo” or being “Macho” is Spanish for a man who Man Greens Review knows he has increased strength, domination, and strong masculinar traits. These traits overflow into a character comprised of an unswayable feeling of physical courage, virility, self-confidence, and aggressiveness. What does this have to do with penis enlargement?

Well, it has to do a lot with penis enlargement. Fact is, at least out of the men that I have known who feel that their penises are inadequate in size, that a lot of a man's machismo factor has to do with what he has in the groinal department. It is sort of like a car and what kind of engine is under the hood. The car may be a sexy and gorgeous Italian sports-car, but if the engine (the penis) is lacking, the car will be lacking in performance and this will show anytime the hood is popped open, the car has to perform, or what its resale value will be like.



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