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The male God has ignited

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An hour passed unconsciously, and Xi Jing felt a little cold all over. Xi Jing sat on the next step with his arms on his knees and his head buried in his arms. There was a sound of footsteps in the distance. His ears moved. He looked up and saw several people coming this way. The voice grew louder. The men obviously saw the path, looked at each other, and then came this way. Xi Jing instinctively felt the danger, and he got up and stared at the men. The men had obviously been drinking, and before they got close, they smelled a smell of alcohol. Xi Jing clenched his fist and turned to run to the other end. Xi Jing bumps into a person, the body is held by the person, then the familiar voice rings in the ear: “Run what?” As soon as Xi Jing looked up, he saw Chu Zheng's face close at hand, and his heart was pounding. Several people at the other end saw someone appear and stopped at the same time, but seeing that the other side was a girl, they probably felt nothing to be afraid of and continued to come this way. Xi Jing pulled Chu Zheng and ran away. Xi Jing ran very fast, turned a few corners nearby, and soon threw the men away. Making sure the men didn't catch up, Xijing held his knees and gasped for breath. Run for what? Chu Zheng inexplicable,Magnesium Sulphate producer, just a few people, she can get it done in minutes! “They..” Xi Jing seemed to remember what had happened to the drunkard before, and his face turned slightly red, and he could not say what was behind him. Xi Jing lowered his head, pinched his fingers and did not speak. Chu Zheng reached out his hand and fished the man out. Half of him was in his arms. “Why didn't you go back?” You.. Said to come and pick me up. “I didn't come. Don't you know you're going back first?” “……” Xi Jing's fingers stirred the hem of his clothes, looking somewhat pitiful. She clearly said. Chu Zheng took Xi Jing's hard hand, put his hand on his waist,Magnesium Oxide MgO, pulled it into his arms and hugged it directly: “There's something delayed today. Next time I don't come, remember to call me.” Xi Jing was stupefied for a while. “Will you come to pick me up later?” Do you want me to come? “…… Uh “I'll come if you want me.” The good man card has been said, can I refuse? Unable! Xi Jing's other hand, hanging at her side, circled Chu Zheng's waist, and her little face was buried in Chu Zheng's neck, smelling the fragrance on her body. – Back to the residence, the residents next to him were beating the children again, and the children were crying loudly. Xi Jing frowned and touched the key to open the door. The door next door was suddenly opened, a child was pushed out, and then the door slammed shut. The child stood outside crying so sadly. Open the door. It's so noisy. Chu Zheng reminds Xi Jing. Xi Jing opened the door. “I think …” He pointed to the child. What do you want to do? “Her father won't let her in again.” “Can you let her come over?” Xi Jing asked in a low voice. This kind of thing happened several times, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and he couldn't bear the child to be outside alone, so he would let her stay here. But also because of this, the father of the child did not like him. You can't manage yourself well, but you can manage others? You need others to save yourself, and you still have the mind to save others. Who gave you the courage? When I can help, I want to help. Xi Jing said slowly. Is the good man card so kind? Sure enough, how kind it is now, how cruel it is after blackening. Chu Zheng's line of sight turned around on the child who wanted to go in, not knowing what he was thinking about. If you want her to come over, you can. Holding the door, Chu Zheng pressed the mat against the door frame. “Give me a kiss and I'll let her in.” “Hey?” Xi Jing looked at Chu Zheng in amazement. This is clearly his house. “Not happy?” Xi Jing: “… …” “Then you can't let her in.” Chu Zheng loosened his hand and said, “Go in.” Xi Jing suddenly raised his head, kissed Chu Zheng on the cheek, turned his head and went over to the child. Chu Zheng grabbed him. Xi Jing panicked: “I … …” I kissed it. Chu Zheng's eyes narrowed slightly. “Is that a kiss?” “…… Don't you? You didn't say you couldn't do that. “You can't go back on your word,” said Xi Jing in a weak voice. Chu Zheng: “..” Alright. I'll figure something out. Chu Zheng let go of him, and Xi Jing immediately walked toward the child. Probably before Xi Jing took her in several times, the child did not resist too much, sobbing to follow Xi Jing. Chu Zheng leaned against the door and looked coldly at the child's hand holding the seat path, showing a somewhat dependent look. This is mine! The first kite fingernails pick the door frame, the mood is extremely uncomfortable. Xi Jing took the child into the house and saw that Chu Zheng was still standing at the door. He hurried over, his cheeks reddening slightly. “Won't you come in?” Chu Zheng held out his hand to him. Xi Jing looked puzzled and didn't know what Chu Zheng meant. Chu Zheng did not speak, so he stretched out his hand. After a while, Xi Jing tried to hand it over and hold her. Then Chu Zheng entered the room. Xi Jing: “… …” It turns out that she is so childish. Xi Jing could not help bending the corners of his mouth. – Chu Zheng sat beside him, watching the play, looking coldly at the child sobbing. The child was obviously afraid of her, and the whole person shrank to the side of the seat path, pulling the clothes of the seat path, sobbing and choking. Is your father drinking again? Xi Jing took a tissue and patiently wiped the child's tears. Uh The child nods: “Elder brother, he hits me very painful.” “Where did you hit you?” The child pointed to his arm and back. Before Xi Jing could examine the child's wound, Chu Zheng pulled him away and said, “I'll do it.” The child had not cried much, but when he saw the ferocious appearance of Chu Zheng, his tears filled up in an instant. If you cry, I'll put you back in your house. The child is fierce, the tears are hard to hold back, did not fall down, pitifully looked at the side of the seat path. Chu Zheng also followed to see the past, the meaning is very obvious: “You dare to help her,caustic calcined magnesite, I even throw you out.”. Xi Jing: “… …” Chapter 1738 Time and Space Merchants (15). Chu Zheng has no patience in the face of the good man card, so he has no patience in the face of this bear child. The child was treated rudely and did not dare to cry, which made people feel worried. stargrace-magnesite.com


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