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The Many Different Types Of Hoodies Out There

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Hoodies are not just garments that amp up the wearer’s style but also, remarkably, the most adaptable sportswear of all. As casualwear, leisurewear or performance-wear, hoodies never fail. Now considered to be among the most preferred year-round clothing that will be present in almost every wardrobe worldwide, hoodies come in many varieties. This article explores the different types of hoodies for men and women, and serves as a simple guide to apparel stores about to invest in customizing different blank hoodies for men and women. 


Pull-over Hoodies


A loose-fitting sweatshirt with a hood that you can easily pull over your head, the pull-over hoodie is the most popular type of hoodie today. Such hoodies are generally thicker than regular sweaters. 


Zip-up Hoodies


As the name suggests, this type of hoodie will have a zippered front. But there are many variants to zip-up hoodies as well. There are full length zip-ups where the zippers extend from the neckline to the hem. There are also quarter zip-ups and side zipper hoodies. They can be worn zipped up or without zippers.


Fitted Hoodies


For starters, fitted hoodies are not loose-fitting. General midweight or lightweight, fitted hoodies are the “slim fit” variants among hoodies providing greater freedom of movement for wearers. There are fitted zip-up hoodies too. Fitted hoodies generally appeal to women more than men.


Color Block Hoodies


Hoodies with two-tone hues or different color variations on some portions are referred to as color block hoodies. Color block hoodies complement a number of clothing styles.


Raglan Hoodies


Raglan hoodies have unique shoulder and sleeve finishes. Unlike regular hoodies where the sleeves begin at the shoulders, raglan hoodies have sleeves that begin at the neck and end beneath the arm.


Knitted Hoodies


Knitted hoodies or knit hoodies appear to have their fabric knit by hand, and resemble a cardigan. Loosely woven and made of thick yarns, knitted hoodies are more fashionable and are even considered “business casual” these days.


Sleeveless Hoodies


As the name suggests, there are no sleeves on sleeveless hoodies which makes it a great option for physically active wearers. Generally lightweight, sleeveless hoodies can regulate temperature better and offer more freedom of movement to the wearer. For apparel stores specializing in activewear, investing in blank men’s hoodies for customization can yield high returns. Sleeveless hoodies should definitely be on the list. 


Athletic Hoodies


Athletic hoodies, sometimes also called ‘performance hoodies’ is actually a broader category of hoodies that include performance hoodies. Made for sports enthusiasts, an athletic hoodie offers better range of motion and better temperature control. 


Baja Hoodies


They have been around for a few decades. Since the 1970s to be more specific and are synonymous with Mexico. Baja hoodies are made from a strong, dense fabric that resembles wool called “jirga”. They have distinctive patterns on them in the form of horizontal or vertical stripes. 


Flannel Hoodies

Featuring plaid patterns of contrasting color, flannel hoodies come in button up and zipper variants. They have been frequently used as workwear. 


Tunic Hoodies


Tunic hoodies come in many sizes, either loose or fitted. They end between the lower hip and knee area, and are often worn as a dress to make a distinctive style statement.


Final Thoughts

Aside from adaptability and versatility, there still are things that make hoodies appealing to both men and women. Keep exploring hoodies to get surprised even more.



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