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Businesses that rely on delivery to succeed face a variety of challenges. For instance, delivering large, heavy loads like furniture, electronics, and appliances is always trickier than delivering smaller, lighter loads. However, in another way, even that kind of delivery is simplified by the fact that those businesses know the sort of material handling equipment they’ll need. Specifically, they’ll want to invest in a first-class appliance dolly fleet. On the other hand, businesses with mixed delivery requirements will likely require more mixed material handling solutions.

Traditional Hand Trucks for General Material Handling

The traditional hand truck is the backbone of a material handling setup for countless businesses and individuals worldwide. It’s labor-saving, increases efficiency and productivity, and reduces the risk of strain injuries, making for a safer workplace. A traditional hand truck can get the job done if moving something under 500 pounds and it can fit on a hand truck, dolly, or hand cart’s nose.

Appliance Dollies for the Big Stuff

When a business faces diverse delivery requirements, the ability to move large, heavy items safely and effectively is always a top priority. That makes the availability of a high-quality name-brand appliance dolly or appliance cart selection for delivery drivers a must. Appliance hand trucks are built to accommodate those oversized, bulky items and include a strap to secure them better. Appliance carts can often handle up to 800 pounds, making those awkward deliveries much easier.

Special Application Hand Trucks

It is also often worth considering name-brand special application hand trucks and dollies. For instance, breweries and brewery supply companies often feature a mixed delivery profile. Choosing a hand truck specially designed to move kegs can be one of the most challenging aspects of that profile. For delivery drivers required to move large, heavy loads up and down stairways, a powered stair climbing hand truck is likely to significantly increase efficiency, safety, and the speed and ease of deliveries. A specialized brake hand truck, featuring hydraulic brakes, can optimize load control on wet and dry inclines. Consider whether a special application or powered hand truck could revolutionize your business’s delivery capability.

Convertible Hand Trucks for Material Handling Versatility

A high-quality convertible hand truck dramatically increases the versatility of any material handling fleet, making it an ideal inclusion for any business with mixed delivery requirements. Convertible hand trucks, also known as collapsible hand trucks, can operate in two or more positions. They can be used in the traditional hand truck’s vertical orientation. However, they can also be dropped down onto four wheels in a horizontal orientation. That produces much more area for moving loads that would not fit on or would take much longer to move with a traditional hand truck. Plus, the horizontal position can safely and stably move bigger and heavier loads.

Choosing Name-Brand Gear for Quality and Customization

The assurance of a higher level of functioning and reliability is reason enough on its own to choose high-quality name-brand material handling gear. Additionally, a name-brand material handling company allows for a level of customization that off-brand gear simply doesn’t approach. Some brands’ products, such as Magliner, can be customized in over four million unique configurations. Your business can use that customization versatility to fine-tune a material handling fleet to your exact tailor-made specifications.

About Magline

The Magliner brand has been the quality, reliability, and durability leader in the material handling space for 75 years. Magliner material handling equipment can help make any job safer and more efficient. The ultra-customizable traditional hand truck is the flagship tool in the Magliner equipment lineup, helping to optimize your material handling fleet. Other Magliner selections include their convertible hand trucks, powered hand truck series, and other tools to make moving items easier. When your employees, delivery drivers, or warehouse workers have to move, lift, or deliver something, you can trust Magliner equipment to help them get the job done safely and effectively.

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