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The meter will appear shortly after pressing the button

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 This places you in those on the offensive side, a more or less like Madden NFL which allows players to have a complete view of the floor and MT 2K23 identify any lanes that are open or teammates with wide-open spaces. This perspective also proves is the best for defense as it gives you an entire view of the player you're protecting as well as any movements around you. Of course, you are able to alter the zoom and height to get a more rounded view, and you can reduce motion blur by changing the settings in case you feel that it affects your speed.

A brand new feature in NBA 2K23 allows you to decide how fast or slow the shot meter displays, when it is enabled. There are four possible combinations available in the Controller Settings The options are Very Early, Late, Early, as well as Very Late. While playing around with this option does not affect the animations in your jump shots, it will alter the speed at which the meters appear. Personally, we prefer it to be Very Early.

The meter will appear shortly after pressing the button, it gives you an extra few milliseconds to set the timing of your release, however if you find that you're always undercooking your shots, you may want to go with very Late and somewhere around between. The best method to determine the best method for you is to try it out with your favorite players in 2KU.

As a default, your Defensive Assist Strength is set to 50 when you go to the Control Settings. This feature attempts to predict the movements of your opponents you're defending, however we've found it to be a bit agresiv at times. It is possible to turn off this feature completely if you are confident in your abilities on the sticks, however we recommend keeping it in place for a bit to ensure you have some magnetism to keep you ahead of your rivals. Spend some time with 2KU to determine the best settings for you however, we personally believe that about 25 is the ideal place to be.

There's nothing more annoying in NBA 2K23 than seeing a open teammate who is unable to stop and then accidentally kicking it to the incorrect person. Luckily, in Controller Settings, you can alter your Pass Target Profile. It is based on three different information points: Pass Target Direction, Target Distance, and Pass Target Distance, and Cheap MT 2K23 Pass Target openness.





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