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Historians have seemed in useless for signs and symptoms of the Exodus someday in the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties of Thebes. They have by no means discovered any of these signs. Why? Because the proof (some rejected by way of historians) indicates that the Exodus befell no longer in the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties, however at the stop of the fifth dynasty, and throughout the sixth, thirteenth and fourteenth! Every one of these dynasties preserves the report of the calamity, whereas the eighteenth and nineteenth do not 25th Island of Greece.

Why had been and are historians searching in the incorrect region for these events? Firstly, due to the fact tries previous and existing have been made to conceal proof proving the veracity of the Biblical record. And secondarily, due to the fact assumptions put in area in the eighteenth century with the aid of German literary greater critics triggered a domino impact that compelled a false interpretation of records to be usual as fact. Archeological and historic files opposite to this interpretation are labeled fantasy or erroneous, and rejected.

As proven in a reconstruction of world records via Dr. Herman L. Hoeh in his doctoral dissertation (“Compendium of World History”, Herman L. Hoeh, Ambassador College, 1965), in the eighteenth century German literary students wished a “new discovery” to hold absolute academic domination of the world. This “new discovery” necessitated assailing a typically popular thought which humans believed to be true, however that had now not but been subjected to greater criticism until that time. The Bible!

Hoeh factors out that Protestant Germany had on account that the days of Martin Luther assumed the absolute authenticity of Scripture. So all methodology and reasoning which had been utilized to the criticism of classical literature some years earlier, would now be utilized to an assault on the authenticity and historicity of Scripture. But if the Bible had been eliminated as the chronological underpining of historic history, how had been the historians to reconstruct it? What framework would they use to date activities due to the fact records should have some form of chronological basis? Numerous troubles had to be circumvented to facilitate this essential departure from historic reckoning. Hoeh reconstructs world records the usage of huge historic writings, archaeological evidence, and the Bible. What follows is ordinarily excerpted from his independent examination of the information of history.

The Biblical Record Removed From History
To take away the supernatural (the Biblical record) from history, “prehistory” used to be invented (theorized barring factual basis) to bolster the thinking of “ancient man” as subhuman and dress him in the garb of a savage barely past the competencies of the ape. “Prehistory” was once invented (with no foundation in fact) to give an explanation for records except God: “The first step used to be the cognizance that non-documented antiquity should in truth exist at all: that the entire advent and the sum of human records used to be now not in reality contained inside the Biblical narrative. This was once the repudiation of the theological mannequin of the past…” (Stuart Piggott, Approach to Archaeology, pp 53).

“…it is no longer correct or logical to use the time period ‘prehistoric,' except it is employed to designate that indistinct and hypothetical length in the beginnings of human improvement of which there exists no advantageous or tangible record…” (Encyclopedia Americana, Article “History, its upward shove and development”).

Without the Biblical record, the chronological capability to date precise occasions was once “repudiated” (not disproved). And the required chronological groundwork to guide the farcical innovations of “prehistory” and “uniformitarianism” grew to be astronomy and the records of historical Egypt. All supernaturalism in records had to be pushed aside barring groundwork in this furtherance of domination and manage of schooling through formidable literary critics and these at the back of them. Uniformitarianism (opposing supernaturalism) additionally grew to become a key fundamental concept. But can astronomy and historic Egypt factually substitute Biblical chronology?

Although astronomical moves repeat themselves in various cycles, no historic date can be decided by using astronomical ability by myself except the approximate date had already been decided by using historic methods. Linking “prehistory” (an invention) to cutting-edge records by using historic Egypt places an extremely good stress on credibility! And the absolute honesty, integrity, and objectivity of the single historian on whose work this foundation is being formulated ought to be past reproach.

Why used to be Egypt chosen? Egypt seemed to grant the excellent answer due to the fact the warm, dry local weather was once greater probably to promote the protection of the earliest documents.



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