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The number of dental conditions that can be treated are plentiful and even though you may know the treatments involved, the way they seek to effect a remedy is not. Whether you're continuing treatment at home following a procedure or in your dentist's chair after an accident, you need to be aware of some of the common procedures your dentist may perform if an emergency arises. Here are six of the most common treatments that your emergency dentist wellington might use to heal your smile.


Direct Bonding

For a minor chipped or cracked tooth, dentin bonding may be the solution. A dentist may apply tooth-colored resin repair to broken enamel, making your tooth look and feel like new again.


Dental Crown

A more severely damaged or decayed tooth may require a more permanent type of treatment like that of a dental crown. This transparent cap fits completely over the tooth, protecting it from further damage while also restoring its appearance.


Gum Disease Treatment

Although it might not seem like much, plaque buildup on your teeth can lead to gum disease, which is essentially a bacterial infection in the gum tissue. This disease can cause severe damage if left untreated but fortunately there's multiple ways your dentist can reverse the effects as soon as possible.


Root Canal Therapy

The pain management of a root canal is not as severe as some make it out to be. They can actually help ease the pain in your tooth that is caused by tooth decay or an injury. These are performed by removing the dead pulp inside your tooth, which eliminates any future pain from spreading to other teeth on either side of the one with an infection.


Tooth Extraction

Dentists will always do their very hardest to preserve your natural smile through treatments like the root canal therapy. If a tooth, however, is damaged beyond repair and there is no other alternative then an extraction may be necessary for the best possible oral health moving forward. Keep in mind that if you allow a tooth to be extracted, it's important that you replace it at some point because left without replacement you may soon develop complications.


Tooth Reattachment 

If you have a tooth extracted, your dentist might be able to replace it with an implant. Touching the root of the missing tooth can cause pain or sensitivity. If you keep the pulled-out tooth in your mouth or place it within a container of milk, you'll be better equipped to handle your dental emergency and not experience more damage. You should contact your dentist's office within 30-60 minutes of extraction so that they can schedule a time for reattachment; after this point, most dentists won't be able to reattach your removed tooth. Dental emergencies are often stressful but knowing some of the possible treatments you dentist may recommend can help alleviate some panic and aid in saving your smile!


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