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The MOST Commonplace Applications of FDM 3D Printers

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In most recent years, 3D printing technology has come out of nowhere, gaining its momentum and gathering its innovative advantages in this marketplace. With the rise of domestic 3D printers, the price of FDM3D printers on the market is becoming more friendly and more commonplace. As a result, it is quite promising for us to witness that a bunch of companies, schools, factories, scientific institutions and 3D printer fans are increasingly involved in this FDM 3D printing CARNIVAL.

Some users might have various questions about this FDM technology lingered in their minds, like: What can a FDM printer print? What’s the finished product’s usage?

As far as the current 3D printing technology is concerned, 3D printers adopting plastics as filament have been widely used in this market. It is mainly suitable for the design stage, helping users to turn the design in their minds into visible and tangible more quickly. It can help VERIFY the feasibility of the design faster to a large extent while saving your time and money promisingly.

1.The Architectural Model

The architectural model printed by a 3D printer costs almost half the time shorter than the one made by any traditional method. On the other hand, it reduces greatly on original costs. A roll of filament can be used to print about at least three to four models, while costing you at a lowest price. In addition, the filaments adopt eco-friendly material, and then finished model will be much more exquisite.

2.The Automotive Industry

For the design of the car shape or internal structure, you only need to draw the parts you need through the 3D software in the very beginning, and then convert it into G-code code through the slicing software and insert the file into 3D printer through the SD card, then you can operate the control screen and commence printing.

3.Animation Industry

Before the emergence of 3D printing technology, some props, or let’s say, various stage properties were produced manually. For now, with the FDM 3D printers you can easily produce any customized evil headgear or superhero outfit. One of the advantages is that the 3D printing production requires you only a short time, saving a lot of time for the crew. Secondly, there is almost no limitation of complexity, which can greatly improve the visual effects and texture of film and television dramas.

4.Smart Home

In the smart home industry, the use of 3D printing eliminates the need to use any tools or molds in the processing process, thereby greatly reducing the cost of manufacturing, which is particularly advantageous in the early conceptual design stage. Designers do not need to worry about the cost, so they can use 3D printing to create conceptual models of various shapes and functions, and fully start brainstorming and accelerate the formation of the final design plan. 3D printing can optimize the development process of household products, solve and improve the entire product development link and work efficiency, and change the design thinking of household design.


Nowadays, an increasing number of educational institutions have brought 3D printing equipment into their innovative classes, and 3D Printers can be used in the classroom to train students in innovative and practical ability, it allows students to transform their ideas or creations into reality, greatly assisting their students in developing their hands-on ability and intelligence. For the further application of it, students are allowed to design on their computers, and upload their own drafted model in the 3D printer and then they can print their models out. In other words, 3D printers can be a quite promising platform, connecting the ideas from the virtual world with the production from the reality.




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