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A mobile phone device is one of the most important things that we keep with us wherever we are. Apart from the usage, everyone opens the text messages at first glance. That is the reason SMS marketing has huge potential for business growth.

Table of Contents

  1. What is SMS marketing?
  2. What is personalized SMS marketing?
  3. Why use personalized SMS marketing?
  4. How to create a personalized SMS marketing strategy?
    • Judge it right
    • Keep your SMS campaign fresh
  5. The advantages of personalized SMS marketing
    • SMS marketing is cost-effective
    • Easy to customize
    • Send a precise message
  6. Conclusion

You can't quantify the business potential of SMS unless you personalize it. Mobile devices perform all of your tasks, which is why they stand as the hub of communication. These tasks include push notifications, SMS, emails, phone calls, web browsing, and whatnot.

You hold the entire galaxy in your hands and can do anything you want in record time. SMS is an easy means of communication, and according to a recent study by Google, people open SMS in 20 minutes or less. SMS is an easy way to grab the attention of the user because the popup message pushes you to open and read the message.

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is done by using a marketing automation tool and sending bulk marketing messages to the users. Bulk SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with your customers.

SMS marketing | Mumara

You can send coupons, sales, new arrival alerts, confirmation messages, reminders, etc. to the users. SMS marketing, without any doubt, is highly suitable for all kinds of businesses, including restaurants and other industries. It gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers directly.

What Is Personalized SMS Marketing?

Personalized SMS marketing is a strategy where you send messages with more relevant details to the users. These messages are more relevant and welcomed by the users, which increases the open rate instantly.

Moreover, you can send personalized SMS texts to your audience to provide accurate information well in time. This is the most straightforward way to inform users about sales, coupons, transactions, and other information.

personalized sms marketing | Mumara

You can use the user’s first name. If you add the first name, it increases engagement instantly. Although bulk SMS marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience, it is somehow trickier at the same time.

You can ask about the basic information from the users like phone number, gender, first and last name, date of birth, profession, hobbies, likes, and dislikes, etc. to create custom fields.

Why Use Personalized SMS Marketing?

All of us know that online chats have taken control of all the chats. SMS is the least used medium of communication, but it is still used for the best purposes. Although people take an interest in social media channels, no one can deny the power of email marketing as well as SMS marketing.

With the advent of marketing automation tools like Sendinblue, Mumara, Hubspot, etc., it has become easy to send personalized marketing emails and SMS texts. Sending personalized SMS texts increases the 98% open rate.

That is why if you send a well-designed SMS marketing campaign to the users at the best time, it can make you stand out from the competition. The studies show that 75% of the users expect personalized messages, and 91% expect the users to send relevant messages based on their interests.

How to Create a Personalized Mobile SMS Marketing Strategy?

Nothing can define mobile phones more than that they are virtual extensions of human beings. There is no doubt that mobile phone devices remain within the boundaries of human personal space. That is why you cannot ignore it.

personalized SMS strategy | Mumara

Adding some personalization to the SMS marketing message can make it attractive immediately. While designing an SMS marketing campaign, you need to focus on the marketing strategy as well.

Here are some maxims discussed below that can help you create a successful mobile SMS marketing strategy:

Judge It Right

When you send a marketing message, whether it is an email or SMS, it needs to be appropriate and according to the time zone. It means that, while sitting in America, you send an SMS marketing campaign to the people living in South Asia according to the time zone of America; this will not work.

Rather, it will just be another failed SMS strategy. If you are a marketer and you do not watch the time zone closely, you will make a mistake in sending this. Moreover, geography is also an important element to keep in mind when creating an SMS campaign.

Think for a while that you have spent a lot of time on designing a marketing campaign for the products to be used in winter, and after that, you send it to the list of users from the hot areas. What will be the benefit of this? Definitely a waste!

Keep Your SMS Campaign Fresh

SMS is something very personal, and mobile users do not expect an irrelevant message. So you also need to bear in mind that no matter how big a brand you are, if you do not have the right message at the right time, you have to bear the brunt.

fresh SMS campaign | Mumara

Likewise, your message needs to be fresh for the users so that they do not get bored. If you know how to play with words, you can make the inbox of the user a memorable place for him.

Not only this, if he gets a nice customer experience from you, he will become your fan along with a customer. This method will increase customer engagement and you have been looking for a long time.

The Advantages of Personalized SMS Marketing

SMS marketing possesses various benefits that you can have to boost your business growth. Some of the benefits are discussed in the below lines:

SMS Marketing Is Cost-Effective

cost effective | Mumara

SMS marketing is cost-effective as well as the best way to reach your targeted audience. It is among the cheapest methods of marketing.

If you choose a reliable marketing tool, you can send your SMS campaign to any number you want. This is why SMS is the top priority for small businesses.

Easy to Customize

SMS marketing comes with amazing benefits, including being easy to customize. You can design a message that suits your customers. You can send this personalized message to attract more people and make them your permanent customers. Personalized messages create a sense of loyalty with your customers and make them your brand ambassadors.

Send a Precise Message

Marketing texts come with a certain character limit that makes them precise. Precise messages are easy to read and conclude well in time.

precise SMS | Mumara


As a marketer, you get a chance to send your message in the most clear-cut way. This method increases the open rate because people take less time to understand what you say.


To conclude, we can fairly say that personalized SMS marketing is one of the best ways to engage your audience and boost your business.

All you need to do is to choose a reliable marketing automation tool that helps you make your message customized and personalized. Keep your messages simple and effective; that makes your strategy powerful.


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