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Curiosity is at the heart of every good salesperson. Because you need to understand so many different things about your potential buyer, asking the right questions can make or break a deal. The best B2B and SaaS sales training programs teach you to ask many different questions, but one stands out above the rest. When trying to discover your client’s current state, this question is your best tool.

The Most Important Question: Why?

It doesn’t matter your industry, asking “why” is the key to your success. If you don’t ask “why,” you might never fully understand your customer’s problems or diagnose the root causes of these problems. Imagine you are a car salesperson. A young couple comes in and wants to find a car with great gas mileage. Instead of jumping to conclusions and showing them the hybrid coupe you have, you should ask them why they want good gas mileage in the first place. Well, they take a lot of camping trips far away and want to save on gas. Is a hybrid coupe the most trail-ready vehicle? Of course not, but you would have shown it to them first if you hadn’t asked “why.”

This is just the start. Like a child asking why the sky is blue and refusing to accept your “because it is,” answer, you need to keep digging. Effective in-person and virtual sales training programs focus on understanding the potential buyer. The better you can understand your customer, the details of their life and business, and their desired outcomes, the better you can sell to their unique needs.

“Why” Helps You Dig Deeper and Get Specific Answers

Good salespeople want to get to the core of their customer’s current state so they can identify the gap between it and their ideal future state. You need to ask your buyer “why” and then keep digging. Don’t let them brush you off because you need to learn more about the root cause of their problem, and it can sometimes take some digging.

As you further question the young couple at the car dealership, you dig deeper. You ask them why they camp, why they camp where they do, how much gear they bring camping, why they use the same car to camp as they do to drive around town, why they go camping once a month, and if they do any other recreational activities in their vehicle. You will start to understand why they are looking for a new car—they want to go to places they haven’t gone before and save money while doing it.

Understand How You Can Solve the “Why” to Transform Your Selling

Now that you understand the “why” of your buyer, you can effectively sell your product or service. This works in every type of sales and should be part of any B2B sales training. You have to understand the “why” to become a better seller.

Instead of selling a hybrid coupe to the camping couple, you can show them a hybrid four-wheel drive with lots of storage capacity. If you had never asked “why” they probably would have brushed you off when you tried to sell them the hybrid coupe. You didn’t seem credible or interested in their needs, and you would have lost a sale. Now that you understand their needs, you can show them something that helps them reach their goals and achieve their ideal future state—exploring new places and saving money on their gas bill. This is just one of countless scenarios where asking “why” helped the salesperson land a sale.

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