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The Most Popular Chess Sets on the Market Today

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The fascinating live chess game from the popular Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone impressed everyone who read the book or watched the film. For any Potterhead, live chess seems to be the best. The concept of live chess is not uncommon outside the Harry Potter fandom. However, the types of chess sets available on the market are numerous. While your preference and purpose for buying the chess set are key deciding factors, you can have a look at the top-rated chess sets before finalizing the purchase.

Below goes a list of the most popular chess sets on the market today. Read on!

Home and competition chess sets for beginners

For beginners to play chess at home and at local tournaments, there are two best chess sets. The first option is a cheaper set of plastic pieces and a vinyl mat that is easy to carry and store. The second option is an affordable basic wooden chess set. 

Plastic and vinyl chess set

These are among the top chess sets that are often used at local tournaments and competitions. The plastic pieces come in different sizes and weights. The vinyl mats often come with file and rank markings to help with orientation.


Affordable wooden chess set

This is a slightly better version than the plastic and vinyl chess set. A wooden set gives a classier look. Many wooden top chess sets have affordable price tags. 


The wooden pieces may not be as detailed as the plastic ones. But they are a great option if you are playing at home and want a classy touch. That being said, the plastic and vinyl sets are easier to clean when compared to wooden sets. 

Chess sets with long durability

The material influences the durability of the chess sets. Most chess players and enthusiasts want to buy a chess set that can last a long time. The price for the top rated chess sets is comparatively higher than plastic and basic wooden sets. However, the quality is much better. 


Luxury wooden chess sets

Unlike basic wooden chess for beginners, the luxury wooden chess sets have a finer quality and more details on the pieces. 


Luxury marble chess sets

The luxury marble chess sets give a highly elegant and classy look. Their price tags are mostly on the higher side but long durability is guaranteed.


Metal chess sets

Metal chess sets are used more as decorative items than for the purpose of playing. The metal chess pieces are generally heavier than wooden and marble pieces. The intricate details are splendid. 


Compared to marble chess sets and metal sets, wooden chess sets are more affordable. Furthermore, all three types of chess sets are easy to clean and maintain. But the marble pieces need more attention than wooden and metal chess pieces.

Theme chess sets

Theme chess sets have become more popular in recent times. The growing demand has led to increased production of theme chess sets. Similarly, chess set themes along the lines of popular books, films, TV series, and games have encouraged more people to buy and engage in chess. You can also uniquely customize a chess set.


This was a brief list of the most popular and best chess sets of recent times. You can now pick your preferred chess set or customize one to your best liking.



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