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Such self consciousness is understandable, but there is a danger of exaggerating it in 15Minute Weight Loss Review  your own mind. If you are one who is considering embarking on a crash diet for a special occasion, ask yourself what is your real aim. It is likely that you want people to not only be happy to see you, but not focus entirely on your weight.

Think about it a bit more, and you will see that most people will focus on your eyes and face initially, and will be drawn to a happy, radiant smile with sparkling eyes. A problem of too rapid a weight loss is that you can starve yourself of nutrition, leaving yourself looking unwell, your eyes hollow, and feeling so tired you cannot enjoy the occasion anyway. You may have distracted other guests from concentrating too much on your weight, but instead they are thinking “oh, she doesn't look at all well.” So, you can end up making things worse rather than better, not having a good time, and feeling awful in the process.

Alternative to A Crash Diet For a Special Occasion There is an alternative strategy you could adopt that will make you feel better about yourself, allow you to enjoy yourself, and help you to lose weight sensibly:You have acknowledged that you are overweight and need to lose a few pounds, or even a lot of pounds. Whatever the date of the event, resolve to start a diet now, but not a starvation or crash diet. Choose a long term diet that suits you and decide to stick to it long term. Take action today, and you will immediately feel good about yourself. By commencing your new diet straight away, you may even lose a few pounds by the day of the wedding.



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