The New Mutants Gets a New Release Date

The New Mutants will be one of the unique movies. It might even get its name in the Guinness worlds record for pushing back the release date again and again. A new reason for the global epidemic is added to the reasons for delaying The New Mutant film. Previously, these reasons were reshoots and mergers, but according to Josh Boone, director of The New Mutants, they never performed reshoots, and it was only a rumor.

Josh Boon also justified that they used a merger to change things in the movies instead of reshooting scenes from scratch. He stated that if they have to reshoot the movie, the kids used in the movie would have been visibly older. The movie creators are trying their best to keep this film out of theaters. 

However, this time they got a clear reason for delaying the movie. If the ongoing outbreak hadn’t been here, people would have seen the movie in the theaters last month. Whatsoever, situations have changed everything in the present world, including this new movie. Despite the fact that many fans are murmuring that the movie could have been released on the streaming services, the studio decides to push back the release date to August 28, 2020.

Also, bear in mind that it will release in August only if the pandemic gets diagnosed before the release date. The studio would be so delighted to push back the release date once more if they get a chance to do so. This is most likely to happen that the movie will again get its date postponed as the pandemic is not going to stop till August according to the assumptions. The movie will not be released in theaters if theaters aren’t by then.

It is predicted that large gatherings will not be allowed even by August 2020. According to the latest trailers of the movie, the final theatrical release may be worth the long wait. The last trailer of The New Mutants is exceptionally amazing and mind-bending. The visual effects are very impressive, and the characters are remarkably portrayed.

Also, the point that it is a horror movie from Marvel possibly for the first time, people might be tempted to see it in theaters. Releasing such kind of expensive movie stuffed with breath-taking visual effects on streaming services will not worth the hard work behind it. The movie no doubt deserves to be watched, at least in 3D IMAX for a better experience. Also, notice that not every fan owns a 3D TV at their home, so for them, it is best to release the movie in theaters.

Not only that, when the movie gets released on digital copies, but most people will also use free movie downloading sites to watch it for free instead of purchasing the official copy from the online stores.

This will not provide sufficient revenue to the movie producer team for their intense hard work and investments. So, it is best to hope for the cinematic release instead of getting the digital version. Even if you get a chance to watch this movie at your home, you will definitely not get the same vibe you will get to a cinema.

The sound and visual effects you will get at the theatre cannot be compared with your home TV no matter you have a powerful home theater at your home. Increase your self-control, and till then, you can re-watch the complete X men film series from the scratch to get ready to watch this upcoming title.

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