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According to the information, eyeglass mart first appeared in 1289 Florence, Italy, it is said that the world's most important tool, is an optical scientist named Armato and an Italian living in the city of Pisa Spina invented.


American inventor Benjamin Franklin, who suffered from both myopia and farsightedness, invented bifocals in 1784 to avoid the torment of constantly changing two pairs of glasses.


In 1825, British astronomer George Alley invented glasses that corrected astigmatism.


Some people believe that the Chinese invented glasses 2,000 years ago.


Although it is still a mystery who invented glasses first, it is an indisputable fact that glasses appeared in China in the middle of the Ming Dynasty.


Ming Wanli Tianyi Heng in “stay green Day Zha” volume 2 “叆叇” article cloud: “Every read the article, the eyes are faint, do not distinguish the details, to cover the eyes, the spirit does not scatter, the pen letter Ming.


With silk silk, tied to the back of the head, people do not know, to ask more.


Yu said: This 叆叇 also.


At this time 叆叇 is the original name.


There are few images and material materials of early glasses in China.


There is an old man wearing glasses in the Ming painting “Nandu Complex Scenery Scroll” in the Museum of Chinese History.


Qing Qianlong years, China has been able to produce glasses, the frame is black lacquered wood frame, equipped with a knot ribbon, the lens by crystal grinding, to Qing Jiaqing years, glasses popular, Zhang Ziqiu in the “continuation of the door Zhuzhici” cloud: “myopia everyone wear glasses, shop in the deep system clearly.


More lenient eyes light still Qiao, the fight to buy are born later.


Interestingly, the depth scale of Qing Dynasty glasses is divided according to the twelve branches of the Zi Chou Yin MAO, which is recorded in the “Xiang Yan Jieyi” written by Li Guangting in the historical notes of the Qing Dynasty.


Since the invention of lenses in the 13th century, crystal glass has been used to grind lenses, and in 1937, France invented a plastic eye lens called acrylic, although not easy to break, but poor clarity.


In 1954, an engineer of the French Izoulou company was inspired by the materials used to make aircraft cabins, and invented resin lenses. Since then, this lens has become the supreme of the world's lens kingdom, which has been used today.


That's all about who invented glasses, in which city they were made in the 3rd century, and in which city they were made in the 13th century. I hope I can help you.


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