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Source: The Passage: Will Netflix Pick The Show?

The Passage is among the most known TV series based on a book series. The vampire-thriller drama, but the series failed to live up to its book counterpart. Now, FOX has decided to cancel the series due to the audience dropped at the end of the first season. Also, Instagram posts from the youngest character Saniyya Sidney improves the lot of traction. Yet you must not panic as The Passage might have a great chance to grasp by Netflix or other networks. Here is everything to know about the matter:

Premature Cancellation

FOX has grabbed the attention of few notorieties for ending the series too early. It comprises One Day at a Time, The Tick, and Humans. But it becomes even worse when the network planned to cancel it only after its first season. Fox has declared that it will not be releasing its season two occurring the huge disappointment. The conviction was still surprising as there are still ways for shows to emerge. The initial season of the show is based on the first book in Cronin’s trilogy, and creators had the complete plan to create the following one. There are particular production challenges because of the complex plot in the second book. Though it is not that big that a skilful team is unable to overcome.

It’s About the Numbers Game

The renewal of series depends on the troop of fans who stream it. Considering this, The Passage still had a decent start. When the series dropped in January 2019, it earned the amazing views of 5.2 million for each episode. But slowly, it went off the track and failed to maintain the viewership. The worst part is that merely 3 million viewers watched the season 1 finale. It is clear that the initial magic of a show vanished; however, is it that bad that there is no space for season 2.

Balancing Entertainment and Sports

Rumours are that FOX has signed the 4-year contract to air NFL’s Thursday Night Football. Reportedly, this deal is going to earn more than half a billion dollars per year for the company; however, this is not the only reason. FOX has rights of the postseason games of Major League Baseball also.

Fridays are booked for WWE Smackdown Live and all these specific strain on a broadcasting schedule of networks. Also, there are clues that FOX displays that most series shows violence. The lucrative dealing with the sports franchises that take the valuable prime time to illustrate.

Fans were also confused when Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lucifer got cancelled. The exact explanation is that there was not enough time available to pressure these shows on a schedule of FOX broadcast. Although Lucifer is available on Netflix and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine has got the new room on NBC.

What to Expect in Next Season

The further sections include some spoilers for the second season. It will prompt you to join fans that provoke network to continue from where the FOX left. The series follows the book, and so season 2 is taking place after the 100 years. You will then discover things that happened to the main cast and how they able to survive or if they were able to survive. The story of Amy is quite interesting as it dwells in both the Vampire and human worlds. And it quite interesting to see how she will cope with it. The challenge of moving from one century to another in next season is huge. But creators will win if they are successful in keeping audiences at an edge.

Ritual of Passage

It is good to wonder that The Passage has the chance to grab by Netflix or other networks. During its writing, season 1 was on Hulu, and it may also follow the second season.

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