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Getting a pet is not a decision that is made hastily. Before committing yourself to another living being, there are several things to keep in mind and think about.

And being human beings, we do complex things. With Monkoodog Dog Breed Selector, we make sure to get you the perfect candidate, suitable to your needs and living conditions, and schedule you to thrive in. 

Monkoodog wants the best experience for you and your pal. Getting a dog whose requirements are opposite to your environment will make your experience as well as the dog's a regret. 

Monkoodog's breed selector will assist you with a series of questions that will be based on the important aspect of choosing a breed. 

Your experience with dogs

This is a crucial question when it comes to owning a dog. If you are a newbie, a dog with calmness, obedience will be much preferable. Some breeds have an aggressive, hyperactive temperament, which is not ideal for someone who hasn't had any experience with dogs.

Your housing

Dogs with certain temperaments and personalities, including their size and coat, don't fit in apartments. They need space, while there are breeds that will adjust to any condition. Cuddling with you on the couch is enough for them.


A more giant dog will require everything in more significant quantities. His health problems also will differ from that of a small dog and vice versa. For example, small dogs are more prone to dental problems, while larger dogs are more prone to hip dysplasia. 

Size is also an important aspect when it comes to your living conditions. 


When it comes to children and dogs, good supervision is essential. Things can accelerate from good to accidental fast with children below ten years of age. Dogs with hunting instincts or chasing traits are likely to chase after your tiny toddlers. They will make little mischief here and there when they themselves are young dogs' temperament and trainability matter when it comes to children. 

Climate conditions

The climate conditions of the area you live in play an essential role in breed selection. There are breeds with heavy coats that can not survive hot weather, while there are breeds that thrive in tropical and hot conditions.


Some dogs require daily brushing and grooming weekly, which costs you lots of money and time. You have to keep in mind that there is fur when there's a dog. If this is something that will bother you, reconsider your decision 


It has to be kept in mind that a dog is not an artifact; it's a living being and requires all sorts of physical stimulation to thrive in good health. You have to make time for him at least for walks twice a day. Some breeds will require more stimulation and exercise than others. Lack of exercise may show poor indoor behavior. 


Choosing a dog that works for your schedule ensures that your pet receives its attention. If you plan to leave your dog at home for an extended period of time, you must choose a breed that can adapt to being left alone and is not destructive while you are gone.

Level of Energy

If you live a sedentary life, a hyperactive dog may not be suitable for you. Many dog breeds require constant stimulation, while others are satisfied with snuggling on the sofa. When thinking about getting a dog, keep your lifestyle in mind. With the help of our dog breed selector, you may discover a dog that fits in well with your existing lifestyle.

Health Conditions

Allergies should be considered while purchasing a dog. A hypoallergenic dog would be an ideal choice for someone with allergies. 

Intelligent breeds with high trainability would be a fruitful choice for someone with disabilities and elderly people. 


Why do you want a dog? Are you drawn toward certain looks? 

You can not just keep a dog because you like his appearance. Your intentions must be clear as to why you want to own a dog. Is it for companionship you seek, in need of therapy, or just to add the missing void in your family? If it is the look that you are drawn to, research is scheduled because each breed has its personality, look, and energy level. It's possible that the breeds you're drawn to aren't the best fit for your lifestyle.

Make sure you're well-informed and prepared before taking the leap. It'll help you and your new best buddy get off to a good start. Monkoodog is there for you in every step, starting off from the very first step of deciding which breed you want. Our dog breed selector makes sure to meet your expectations and gives you the closet matching paw candidate. 

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