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Dispensaries are the most common source for the purchase of personalised Pre-Rolled Cones Custom Box. It is one of the products that has a significant volume of sales. They provide customers with a degree of consumption that is surprisingly simple, which elevates the quality of their experience to an exceptional level. Customers will adore your items if they are packaged in our individualised pre-roll containers, which will result in a significant increase in both sales and margins of profit. In addition to their eye-catching look, these boxes have been thoughtfully crafted to preserve the flavour and aroma of the cannabis items that you have purchased.

Pre-Rolled Packaging's Various Attributes

We provide a variety of personalization choices for your bespoke pre-rolled cones custom box, allowing you to bring the aesthetic quality of your cannabis boxes to an exceptional level. When it comes to the presentation of your pre-rolled cones custom box, it is absolutely necessary to think about the artwork that you plan to use and the printing possibilities that you have. Our customers have access to the following personalisation possibilities through our company:

Create a Lasting Impression With the Matchbox Compartment

As a result of the fact that many individuals think it is remarkable to have an interior matchbox compartment in their cigarette rolls, the matchbox compartment product is currently all the rage in the marketplace. Matchbox compartments come in a variety of designs, sizes, and forms, all of which are offered by TCB. These matchbox compartments will unquestionably improve the visual appeal of your bespoke pre-rolled cones custom box, resulting in 100% satisfied customers.

The quality of the material as well as the appropriate dimensions are of the utmost importance.

When it comes to our inventory of materials, we have a wide variety of materials from which you can select a material of an appropriate quality for your product, taking into account the characteristics of your product. You have the option of:

Boxes made of tin for increased safety and protection.

Metal Boxes for durability

Boxes made of plastic for a glittering appearance

When choosing these materials, we took into consideration the nature of your product as well as its functionality, longevity, and environmental impact. If you are unsure about which material to choose, we will explain the purposes of each option as well as the benefits associated with doing so so that you can make an educated choice.

Boxes With Custom Sleeves That Include a Try

In addition to that, TCB provides sleeve boxes as an additional packaging option for pre-rolls. As a result of the significant differences between these boxes and other types of boxes, the appearance of your hemp smoking rolls will be rather distinctive. Your customer will have a sense of calm as a result of their sliding movement, which will be beneficial to the success of your company.

Pre Roll Cone Packaging are a Great Way to Showcase Your Product

In addition to the pre roll cone packaging, we also provide our customers display boxes for their cannabis goods, which will help to bring more attention to them and make them more interesting to consumers. If you want to boost sales and raise your profit margins, displaying your pre-rolls at the counter of dispensaries using our display boxes is a surefire way to accomplish both of those goals.

Promote Your Product or Service Using These Stunning Designs

For a higher rate of customer retention, it is essential for all types of organisations to ensure that their company logo is easily recognisable to their clientele. We have a staff of graphic designers on hand that is comprised of highly experienced professionals, and they are prepared to create stunning logos and box designs for your pre roll cone packaging. No matter what your goals may be, you can rest assured that our staff have the expertise necessary to realise your vision. In addition, TCB is pleased to provide the following value-added services, which can be utilised to further improve the overall design and presentation of your product.

Gloss lamination:

Shine that is both glossy and brilliant, combined with a silky texture

Matte Lamination:

An elegant and understated appearance that allows for unobstructed viewing of the reflected light

Spot UV finish

It is a blend of matte and glossy lamination, and it has a glossy appearance.


The process of creating a raised logo, text, or other design.


It refers to the process of stamping a logo, text, or other artwork.

Cutouts in the Windows

For the purpose of displaying the product from the interior of the window tuck box

Hot foil stamping 

It gives the impression that the logo or other text or picture is metallic.

Inside printing

For the purpose of individualised decoration of the product box's inside side


The customisation options we provide include a wide range of graphic design services that may correctly convey the message of your company. We are able to fully fit your style request regardless of your vision, from logos to colour schemes and everything in between.

We Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee, in Addition to an Unmatched Product Quality.

The contentment of our customers is our first concern. We provide our customers with boxes that are of the highest possible quality and that are in keeping with their hopes and dreams. Therefore, hurry up and submit an order with our customer care specialists as soon as possible because every project comes with its own set of obstacles, and the sooner you do so, the better.

We are a wholesale supplier of pre roll cone packaging.

Every company's first priority should be to cut down on their production expenses while simultaneously increasing their earnings. As a result of this, we are able to provide our customers with one of the most competitively priced options available in the extremely pricey market that is the United States. Therefore, get to work and increase your revenue by purchasing our pre roll cone packaging.


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Delivering products without making any concessions in terms of quality or presentation is what we excel at doing the most. We are one of the most successful box manufacturing firms in the United States, and we have thousands of happy customers all around the country. Because our Pre Roll Cone Packaging provides the ideal environment for all of your cannabis goods, they will stand out from the crowd in the overcrowded dispensaries that are prevalent in the market. So don't be late! In addition, make sure to get a price estimate before beginning the process of having your boxes manufactured.

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Find your fully personalised pre roll cone packaging at one of the lowest costs that you can possible get in the market, and there is no minimum buy quantity need. SirePrinting is committed to assisting small businesses as well as businesses that are already well-known and established in growing their operations. To this end, they offer personalised pre roll cone packaging at wholesale prices and do not impose any restrictions on the minimum amount that must be purchased. Send an email to support@sireprinting.com or call the customer service line at (410) 834-9965.




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