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Do you know who the giant bedsheet player is? Yes, you guessed it right! It's Maspar's fitted bed sheet, which is overpowering other bedsheets in India. The rational reason is that fitted bedsheets have changed people's perceptions of the art of bedmaking. Those days are gone when mummy used to arrange and adjust the bedsheet after waking up. Hola to all mummies! We have good news for you! Now you can sleep a little longer with your loved ones because fitted bed sheets are intended to save time while also improving the overall appearance of your bed.

Fitted bed sheets have elastic sewn on the sides of the four corners. This makes the entire tucking in and tucking out process stress-free and strain-free. It looks appealing and smooth because they stay in their exact place. They also keep the overall look of the bedding neat and tidy. Another advantage of fitted bedsheets is that they come in various colours. You can easily find king-size, single and double-fitted bedsheets online. 

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Should we discard using flat bedsheets when fitted bedsheets serve our purpose? But we are not recommending the same. Both the bed sheets have a specific responsibility to play. On the one hand, fitted bedsheets are sued to cover the mattress as a protector, while on the other hand, a flat bed sheet is used to act as a cover of a fitted bed sheet of a single, double or king-size bed. 


We have designed the fitted bedsheet for you to give the utmost comfort and other related perks.

  • Our fitted bedsheets are soft to the touch. 

Do you have sensitive skin? If yes, we recommend using a fitted bed sheet as it is skin-friendly. It has a smooth finish due to the use of ring-spun yarn. You might wonder what it is made of to suit people's sensitive skin types. It is made of 100% cotton, making them as soft as baby skin because our yarn has a straight orientation. 

  • Are you scared about the well-being of your mattress? Maspar's fitted bed sheets come to the rescue.

If you are the one who thinks that the mattress is a huge investment and must be safeguarded, then this bed sheet is for you. An elastic bed sheet protects your mattress from tears and stains, but fitted bed sheets power you in accomplishing this. A mattress is typically more expensive than the rest of your bedding. 

  • Particular about colours? We have an exciting range of colours in fitted bedsheets. 

We have different colours in single-size mattress fitted bed sheets, double size mattress fitted bed sheets, and king size mattress fitted bed sheets available online. 

  • We are concerned about our customers. Fitted bed sheets are designed accordingly. 

What made us understand our customer base so well? We have conducted various interviews with our customers to understand their needs better. In those interviews, we understood the bed sheet requirements; we discovered that while most people appreciate the design of a fitted sheet, they struggle to tuck it in. Customers faced this problem with larger bed configurations, such as king and queen-size beds, and those with children who pull out the bed sheet and jump on the beds.

As a result, we at Maspar decided to weave elastic along the borders of our single bed, king-size, and queen size fitted bed sheets to make tucking them in a seamless and effortless process. 

  • Our fitted bed sheets are made of 100% cotton. 

Maspar's fitted bed sheets online meet all of your requirements. They provide not only convenience but also excellent comfort. Even in the hottest summer months, the cotton fabric is breathable. As a result, the fitted bed sheets keep you cool throughout the night by allowing air to circulate. Your bed sheet is not something you should be concerned about. Purchasing fitted bedsheets online should be a pleasurable experience. 



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