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With the perfect massage experience, it goes beyond booking the best therapist at the most popular spa. You, as a potential client, can do several things to ensure that your session is the experience you are looking for.

The best massage sessions are a combination of the therapist's and the client's energies as active listeners and receptors. Communication is critical for your first and even for all therapy sessions. Drawing on almost 15 years of activity in the field of massage therapy, here are some tips we have found to help provide the most positive experience before, during, and after your massage:

The best way to find a therapist is to listen to what others are saying, in person, or online. Word of mouth, real and virtual, allows you to choose the therapist who best suits your needs based on what others are saying, so pay attention to detail.

In addition to online rumors, check your therapist's website or other online fingerprints. This will give you a better idea of their personality, philosophy, education, and business practices. Feel free to call your therapist with any other questions about your specific goals and needs. Most good therapists will be happy to discuss their history and strengths, as well as their experience with specific issues without commitment. Massage therapists are happy with these calls! After all, we want to make sure we fit in just as well as you do.

Take enough time for the actual session. We will reserve our sessions for at least half an hour between them so that we can give you that time. I think our best job is when we can consult with our clients about what the goals of their session are and how we can best address them. Our priority is a relaxed and effective session with enough time to prepare and optimal time at the Massage Center near to me. For most people, massage does not come every day, so set yourself a priority and give yourself enough time to fix everything.

Don't be afraid to talk. The best sessions are those in which there is a wonderful relationship between the therapist and the client. Of course, this deepens over time, but effective communication can be established at the outset. As masseurs, we have a responsibility to make you comfortable by answering your questions and providing a safe and comfortable environment.

We anticipate customer needs well enough, but we may not be experts on you, so feel free to talk. The only successful session is the one that makes you happy, so your feedback is invaluable. Without spoiling your relaxation experience, it is important to let us know your preferences: room temperature, lighting, music, as well as massage styles (from deep to energetic), and areas sensitive to touch. So ask for more work with your head, without oil on your face, so that your socks are softer than music, but do it at a time when we can solve this problem. We prefer your opinion now to regret it later.

Please provide feedback after the session. Most massage therapists keep records of treatment, so your opinion that it worked well for you compared to what may not help will only improve your next session. This is also the time when your therapist should tell you their findings/opinions about your session, what consequences you can anticipate, and possible treatment goals for a future session.


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