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Weddings are special and beautiful memories for the couple and close-knit family. They are so cherished that one wants to go back in time to have a look at every ceremony and event.

Now that a time machine is not available, people just use the technology of cameras to capture those unforgettable moments!

 From capturing the oldest to the youngest guest at your wedding to digitizing ceremonies of raising toasts and your first dance, wedding photo books are true treasures of the best of memories. Photo books are once in lifetime possessions. They ought to be special and one of a kind. 

These photographic collections are of two types namely, photo books and photo albums. Photo albums are photographs pasted on blank pages of an album covered with transparent, plastic sleeves or within frames of the page. Photobook on the other hand has printed pictures on the pages of it.

The following is a chronological list of forming one such unbelievable collection of your wedding pictures. 

Pick the Best of the Lot

 It is the job of the photographer to capture as many moments from your wedding as possible. That does not mean all will find a place in your wedding photo book. There will be some candid shots, some not so candid ones, some with all of the family, some with emotions. Filtering a camera memory card is one big task. This task means to have as many important pictures in our photobook as possible. The very thought that you could be ignoring an important memory during the process of picking the best click can be quite stressful.

Follow a Chronological Order

 Place the pictures of the events, on each spread in chronological order. A wedding photo book would look a total mess if the pictures of the reception are placed before the big I do moment. The ordered format of the photo book looks like a story being told, unfolding of the events in an ordered manner.

Be Natural

With the advent of more advanced photoshopping technology, professional photographers can add any emotion and color to a picture. But a picture that speaks for itself always stands out. A natural picture in natural surroundings is a memory treasure. Tell your professional photographers to keep it untouched. Adelaide hills wedding photographer is one such firm that maintains the natural and raw vibe of your photo book.

Pick a Uniform Layout

A wedding photo book should not look like a blast of millions of colors. A uniform color gives a much needed classical touch to the photobook.

Order Away

As soon as the wedding festivities are over, order your wedding photo book right away. This has two advantages, one you get to have a look at how you were looking on your big day and chances of any key pictures become minimal. Why order late when you are still the bride!

A wedding is “an affair to remember” for a lifetime. Reminiscing it through a printed book of captured moments every now and then cheers every heart.


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