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The Permanence of SMP: What to Expect Over the Years

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When considering micropigmentation Stockholm (micropigmentering Stockholm) as a solution for hair loss, it's essential to understand the permanence of the procedure and what you can expect as the years go by. SMP is known for its longevity, but it's not entirely immune to the effects of time and external factors. Here, we will talk about the lasting power of SMP and what you should anticipate in the years following your treatment.

The SMP Process in a Nutshell

Before discussing the permanence of SMP, let's recap what this procedure involves. Scalp Micropigmentation Göteborg (Scalp Micropigmentation Göteborg) is a non-invasive treatment that mimics the appearance of hair follicles by depositing pigments into the scalp. The result is a natural, closely cropped hairline lasting for years.

Understanding the Fade

SMP isn't truly permanent in the sense that it will never fade or change. Over time, the pigments may undergo a slight fading process. This is a natural part of the SMP journey. While the pigments don't completely disappear, they can lighten, especially if exposed to factors like sunlight and radiation.

Factors That Influence Fading

Several factors can influence the rate at which your SMP fades. Exposure to UV radiation, tanning beds, and excessive sun can expedite fading. To maintain the longevity of your SMP, it's wise to use sunscreen and limit your exposure to these elements.

SMP Touch-Ups

To keep your SMP looking fresh, consider touch-up sessions. A touch-up typically becomes relevant after 3-5 years. However, the exact timing can vary from person to person. Some clients can go longer without needing a touch-up, depending on their lifestyle and how well they've protected their SMP from fading factors.

Customized Longevity

The longevity of your SMP isn't solely dictated by time; your preferences also shape it. Some clients choose a more conservative initial treatment, allowing more room to darken and adjust their SMP over time. 

Caring for Your SMP

Proper maintenance plays a vital role in the longevity of your SMP. Follow post-treatment care instructions provided by your clinic. Avoid exposing your scalp to harsh elements, and use sunscreen for protection. A little care goes a long way in preserving your SMP's freshness.

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