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The Phantom of the Other World

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“Cluck, it's a woman's privilege.”. But aren't you worried about your poetry? Look, they're almost done. Yi Feng said nonchalantly, “Ben Shao's export is dirty. Do you still need to write?”? If you tell me if you practice obsequiousness, I can compose more hymns for you. “Cluck..” I'm not one of those shallow women. Don't think that a few hymns will charm you. “Dieyun said softly with her red lips, and the drops of water were extremely charming.” Boy, are you ready? If not, kowtow and admit defeat. I'll let you go. Just when Yi Feng was about to say something to Dieyun. The voice of the feminine man suddenly sounded. Jump into the river collectively Chapter 107 collective jumping into the river. “Ah..” That's all right. Yi Feng startled and sighed, “How did time pass so fast?” When Xiao Gong heard this, he looked at Yi Feng contemptuously and said, “You're chatting with the beauty.”. Of course, I don't think time passes quickly. It's already time for a stick of incense. You're not just going to throw in the towel, are you? Dieyun turned her tender eyes and looked at Yi Feng with a smile. Yi Feng smiled and ignored the teasing in her tone. Instead,warehouse storage racks, he turned to Xiao Gong and said, “Xiao Gong, you can start.” Xiao Gong was stupefied, but he nodded and said to the audience, “Who will come first?” With a sneer at Yi Feng,warehouse pallet racks, the feminine man took a step in front of him and said proudly, “Xiao Gong, I'll go first.” Boy, let you show off. Today I'm going to embarrass you. A vulgar boy? Why should madam look at you differently. Xiao Gong nodded, his eyes flashing a trace of appreciation. There is still some admiration for the young man's talent and learning. Then you go first! Xiao Gong glanced at Yi Feng and saw that his smile was calm and had nothing to do with his appearance. While he was shaking his head, he cast an appreciative look at the feminine man. The gloom of the feminine man just now was also calmed down a lot by this look in his eyes. He said in a low voice with a bit of natural and unrestrained manner: “The tenderness of a river is as deep as water. Who can live and die?”. The solo dance makes the moon, the fish and the wild goose drunk, and the lamp on the half wall of the river and mountain hangs low. “Puff.” The drink that Yi Feng held in his mouth spurted out in one mouthful and sprayed straight onto the table, splashing butterfly rhyme all over his body. Ah Sorry. Sorry. I'm so sorry. I can't help it. Is this a poem? Ben Shao can easily make one hundred and eighty poems. Yi Feng was in a hurry to find a tissue for Dieyun and kept apologizing in his mouth. Yi Feng's words made the feminine man glare at him. Yeah? As long as you can write better poems than him. Forget it, drive in racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, or I'll throw you down the river. Dieyun looked at Yi Feng with a smile and no anger at all. Paper towels constantly wipe the tea on the body, occasionally gently touch the proud bulge, so that people's eyes can not help staring. You know what?! You're insulting me. That's the level. To compete with me. It's just. I don't want to say anything. Yi Feng sighed, as if he had been greatly despised. Xiao Gong smiled, he has long been used to Yi Feng. Attack others and elevate yourself. It's always a sign of his fart. Hehe, Feng Shao. No matter how much you look down on others. At least you have to prove it. Xiao Gong looked straight at Yi Feng, the bottom of my heart rose a trace of schadenfreude: “You boy just chat with the beauty.”. I'm afraid I've forgotten everything. People can't be so lustful. Yi Feng smiled, although his mouth was so disdainful of the poems of feminine men. But I have to admit that I am a talented person who can write such poems in a short time. Originally, Yi Feng wanted to show off his literary talent, but he thought about it. The current situation is suitable for an absolute landslide victory. Ancestors of China, you will teach the barbarians of the other world a lesson for Ben Shao. Sister. Uh. Madam, I'll just compose one for you. There are beauties in the north, peerless and independent. Look at the city, and then look at the country. I'd rather not know a beautiful city or a beautiful country. ‘ ” Yi Feng shamelessly stole the poems of Chinese ancestors. He looked at the crowd with a mocking face. Dieyun's eyes lit up and she looked at Yi Feng with a flash of light: “This boy really has two brushes.”. He actually blurted it out between raising his hand. Xiao Gong looked at Yi Feng in a dull way, and there was no denying that he was shocked. This poem is obviously much better than the one just now. If it is spread, it will definitely be popular. Moreover, this poem is also suitable for the status of butterfly rhyme. It's definitely tailor-made. Most importantly, this kid actually did it without even thinking about it? Thinking of this, Xiao Gong looked at Yi Feng strangely: “This boy won't steal from others, will he?”! “Cough.”. I said I didn't even want to compete with you. You still don't believe it. How's it going? Can you jump into the river? Yi Feng's light words finally woke everyone up. The feminine man couldn't believe it and shouted crazily: “Cheating, you must have cheated.”. How could you write such a poem. You must have copied someone else's. Yeah, that's right. It must have been copied. Yi Feng looked at the exasperated feminine man, lightly spit out two words, “silly than!” Hey hey, so what if Ben is less plagiarized. Can you still expose me?! On this continent, it's all original. People. Always unwilling to accept the reality. Such a verse, if it had already been written. It has already spread all over the world. Do I dare to plagiarize?! Pathetic, pathetic. Yi Feng shook his head like an old man who had experienced vicissitudes of life. Yi Feng, don't pretend. Dieyun laughed and said, “I don't believe it either!”! If you could do one more. I believe it. Yi Feng curled his lips and said, “If you want others to praise you,cantilever racking system, you don't have to use this method.”. But if you promise, if I make another song. You threw all these people into the river. I will reluctantly promise you. Dieyun promised very readily, as long as you can make another article no less than just now. I'll let them all jump into the river. Dieyun smiled and did not look at these young talents. This also makes Yi Feng more curious about this mysterious woman. jracking.com


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