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The Portable Outdoor No Battery Light For Pet Safety At Night

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Every year more pets are lost to hit and run accidents. A good way to prevent this tragedy is by making your more pet visible to drivers. This is the same concept as people wearing reflective shoes, shirts, and hats when they go running at night. It is just a very simple way to prevent a driver from missing the animal as it runs across the street.

As most people would agree, spending a little extra money for more protection is a sound investment. Most pet owners know that a dog or cat really becomes a member of the family. No one wants to lose their family member to an accident that could easily be prevented.

Some might have concerns about the collar choking the animal while the owner is away from home. There are, of course, break-away collars that will prevent this from happening. In a split second that pet could run out of the house with no warning. If they don't have that reflective collar on it could mean trouble.

If you are a pet owner that walks your dog at night then a clip-on light on the dog collar can also protect you. The portable outdoor no battery light easily attaches to a dog’s leash with a lightweight stainless-less clip, which is not easy to fall off. The portable outdoor no battery light attached to dog collar lights provide instant visibility, visible for more than 1/2 mile so that you can determine where your dog is when she is out for her evening walk. The more reflective light that both you and your pet are wearing offers more visible warnings to drivers. Drivers with cell phones that are text messaging might not be paying attention.

If you are lucky enough to have a well-lit neighborhood with sidewalks you may already feel safe enough. This might be a false sense of security. With so many pedestrian accidents occurring because of careless driver’s text messaging it would be a good idea to give as many eye-catching signals as possible.


Your pet might be uncomfortable with wearing a headlamp in that case this portable outdoor light is the best choice. Just clip it on the dog’s leash and walk. If you clip it on its collar then your pet might feel a little resentment at first, but they do not know what a big favor you are doing for them and their safety.

Even if your pet is an indoor pet, it is really important to make sure that they have a clip-on light on its leash. If your dog or cat is wearing this type of light then if they decide to run from the house, they will be easier to spot during the night. The collar will not only make them more visible to drivers but also to you. When trying to chase a pet at night, it will be a great help if their collar reflects the light of your flashlight.

So, buy an eco-friendly running clip-on light for yourself too it will protect both of you during dark times.


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