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The President of Microsoft Believes That George Orwell’s 1984 May Manifest in 2024

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The President of one of the largest tech companies, Microsoft, named Brad Smith, has issued a warning to all AI researchers through his statements and has said that George Orwell’s vision of an advanced dystopian society may “come to pass” by the year 2024 if the artificial intelligence research continued to get advanced without prerequisite “protection.”

The top executive in charge of Microsoft service released a statement on Thursday that if we do not monitor the advancement of artificial intelligence and its development continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate, then we might be looking at an inevitable future where our reality could very well mimic the fictional reality depicted in the well-exalted book “1984” written by a legendary writer named “George Orwell.”

Brad Smith, who is the President of Microsoft, recently gave an interview to BBC in which he alluded to the fact that society might have to deal with the serious ramifications if the government doesn’t take cognizance of the matter and issue stringent regulations against the unprecedented rate at which the AI is speeding up.

He said that in his interview, he thinks about the teachings of George Orwell, which he penned in his famous book “1984.” He also remarked on the core part of the novel, and in case you have forgotten about it, here is the gist of the story: the story is about a government that monitors the activities of the citizens and constantly sees whatever they did, said, or even though throughout the day. He gave an example of George Orwell’s book while talking about the immoral use of artificial intelligence by China to justify how immoral and unethical it looks.

He revealed that though the events did not manifest in reality in 1984 if society does not become careful enough, things may turn to horror come the year 2024. He revealed that there is a necessity for stringent regulations to protect the welfare of the public, and if we don’t do that, we may very well see an AI prototype shoot up so fast that it would be difficult for human civilizations to catch up. George Orwell’s 1949 novel “1984” has been attributed to the two famous modern internet slang we use today, i.e., “Big Brother” and “Orwellian,” which are generally used for describing totalitarian surveillance systems which take away the privacy of the citizens.

China has never been known for its leniency over the privacy of the citizens and has a lot of time been a recipient of global criticism for the freedom of speech and general liberty of its citizens. However, the country is one of the biggest superpowers in the world, and it is planning to establish itself as the international leader of artificial intelligence technology by the end of this ongoing decade.

The research was carried out by a firm named “Comparitech,” and the results were cited by a well-known media house called “BBC” in which they concluded that at least 50% of all the TV cameras produced in the world are owned by China. And the same report claims that there are around 770 million closed-circuit TV cameras in the world.

And, there are companies based in the United States as well who are facing heavy flaks from the advocates of privacy and human rights demanding some regulation on the products which these companies, which could potentially be used by various sources to monitor the physical and online movements of the citizens.

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Brad Smith, the President of Microsoft, believes there should be more strict regulations against AI technology’s rapid development to avoid future ramifications.

Source :- The President of Microsoft Believes That George Orwell’s 1984 May Manifest in 2024


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