1. Addiction

The princess is seven years old.

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The face of a young man is as beautiful as a beautiful jade, and in the dark eyes of a pair of gods like autumn flowers, it seems that the rippling waves can make people sink into it at a glance. The black hair was neatly tied on the top of his head, tied with a ribbon inlaid with precious stones, and the brocade gown was flying. It also highlights his dignity and atmosphere, elegance and elegance. They were all followed by high-spirited young men, but because they were shrouded in his light, they were not so conspicuous by comparison. Little Wang Ye. Seeing the bearer, the woman in purple bowed to him and showed an amazing smile. Her smile is really beautiful and enchanting. Ling Yue, I have said it many times. “You're a guest at Prince Rui's Mansion. You don't have to give me this gift every time.” Xuanyuan Che opened his mouth clearly and reached out to help her up. After touching her soft eyes like spring water, he took back his hands with some embarrassment. “Don't.” Looked at the three figures, and quickly left. In the eyes of Lingyue, there is darkness. It is said by outsiders that she is the favorite woman of the little prince of Rui. She treats her very well. She lives in the palace and has rich clothes and jade food. I am afraid that the empress in the palace has this treatment, right? However, Xuanyuan Che's indifferent attitude towards her really makes her a little confused. Is the charming little prince really affectionate to her? If there is love, why she in the past two years, and her conversation is very few, if ruthless, why take her to live in the palace,30ml Dropper Bottle, and will escape her eyes? Could it be that Xuanyuan Che is waiting for her initiative? She is only one year younger than Xuanyuan Che, the love between men and women naturally know some, but also see that the little prince is shy in the emotional aspect, with this discovery, let her face glow again. Little Wang Ye. Bai Yuchen, dressed in a brocade gown, knew that he had shed the childishness on his face and was a handsome young man. As soon as he opened his mouth, he found that he had made a mistake,Serum Bottle With Dropper, because yesterday was the day when the little prince of Rui was crowned at the age of eighteen. He made it clear that he was not allowed to call him the little prince any more, but should be called the prince. Xuanyuan Che stopped and glanced majestically at Bai Yuchen until the latter hurriedly bowed his head and said, “Wang Ye.”. “I was in a hurry just now, so I called him wrong.” Dressed in an inky gown, Nan Qingfeng shook his head gently and looked at the scene with a smile on his face. Well, what's the matter? Xuanyuan raised the jade fan in his hand and raised his head slightly. It's about Miss Chu. Bai Yuchen squeezed his eyes toward the south breeze while Xuanyuan Che was not paying attention. What do you need to tell me about her? Xuanyuan Che was greatly puzzled, and the steps under his feet were taken again and moved forward. This Chu girl has lived in Ruiwangfu for two years. Wang Ye, how are you going to settle her? Bai Yuchen was very gossipy and approached Xuanyuan Che: “The rumor from the outside world is very powerful, saying that Miss Chu is your favorite person.” “Oh?”? Is it? ‘ Xuanyuan Che just raised his eyebrows in an unfathomable way, so that people could not see what he really thought in his heart. So, Yu Chen is really curious, what is your intention to Miss Chu? Nan Qingfeng took over the conversation and opened his mouth slowly. Bai Yuchen waved his hand again and again. That unwilling eyes complained to the south breeze, this matter is clearly two people agreed together, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,Amber Dropper Bottles, how to become his own thing? Xuanyuan Che no longer paid attention to what the two men wanted to say, but said to himself, “That naughty ghost is coming back.” The top of the snow mountain A little girl in pink was sitting on a prominent cliff, her delicate pink fingers plucking the strings back and forth. Around her, there seemed to be countless bursts of energy. The strong cold wind rolled up her pink clothes and cloak, and the beautiful music flowed out of her fingertips. Not far away, there stood a man in white, wearing a silver mask, with a smile on his lips. I can see that I am very satisfied with the performance of my beloved disciple. At the end of the song, Chi Yexin approached the little person. In the past two years, her progress has been amazing. She is indeed a rare martial arts prodigy. Master, do I play well? Su Yueyue turned her head, her pink little face was full of pride, and her eyes were shining like stars. “Yueyue, in a few days, you should go down the mountain.” Chi Yexin suddenly said with some emotion that this was the first time he had called her name, and in the past three years, she had been called a girl. Master, I have thought about it. I will not go down the mountain. I will accompany Master and Xiaoyueyue here. Su Yueyue got up, her little face full of reluctance, and she approached Chi Yexin and said discontentedly: Does the master not want me? So you drove me down the hill? “What a girl, you follow as a teacher, because the three-year deadline has come, there is no other teacher can teach you, everything in the future depends on your own good fortune.” Chi Yexin lovingly stroked her still delicate little chin, pulled her soft little body into her arms and held it up, while the other hand put Yuyang Qin away. Little girl, you are much heavier than before. Seeing that Su Yueyue was full of reluctance, he buried his little head between the top of his neck, and the hot breath made him feel slightly strange, so he joked. I have grown taller, and naturally I have become heavier. Unlike Shifu, he has always been so tall. Su Yueyue raised his little head, hooked his neck with both hands, pillowed his little head on his shoulder, and silently shed crystal clear tears from the corners of his eyes. She didn't want the master to see her sad, so she quickly wiped it away secretly with her hand. Who knows, it is more and more, the whole small body also began to stop sobbing. Chi Yexin used her flying skills and took her back to the place where she lived quickly, which put down the little tearful person. After Chi Yexin sat down, she simply sat across Chi Yexin's lap and burst into tears. Tianling Fox also understood that the time for separation was coming. He sobbed to Chi Yoxin's feet, raised his little head, and looked sadly at the little person who was crying so sadly. Little girl, don't cry. You have a family. You have a family,Glass Cream Jars, not to mention, you are the little princess of Ruiwangfu. You have been away from there for three years. If you don't go back, I'm afraid someone will take away your little prince. 。 penghuangbottle.com


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