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The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune states the harmful effects of drugs which are caused mainly in the female body. Explaining the terms in a more in-depth manner, it is a known fact that aside from weight being a major factor, there are also several other parts of the female biology which does affect the female body to function and react differently when particularly one remains on medication. Counting weight, one major extra factor stands to be the extra body fat which is more in comparison with the men.

According to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, as women have a larger storage of fat than the med, any type of medication which is intake by them is indeed ‘fat soluble’ and can be distributed differently inside a woman’s body. This therefore impacts various medications which are then used in psychiatry which can also include the consumption of antidepressants, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety medications as well, as most of them thus falls into the above mentioned soluble category. Also, the reason still stands to be unknown but women usually tend to respond better to many antidepressants and antipsychotics than the male body.  Women do better than men with selective SSRIs such as Zoloft in the situation of Bipolar Disorder and also in the case of Tofranil intake.

But, the intake of antidepressants thus causes the problems of sexual disfunction in both men and women. While the male body has the audacity to intake viagra and such similar drugs in order to control their issues, women also face such similar challenges, but there are however no such solutions to this challenge. Another major difference stands to be the issue of digestion, as women tend to produce less gastric acid than the male body which also results in a slower digestion process. Therefore, because of this process the medications intake which indeed require an acidic environment to be absorbed such a various antifungal may not be effective in the female body at all. Also, drugs which do require an empty stomach consumption to absorb such as many antibiotics also do not work inside the female body because women don't wait long enough before intaking it after their 1st meal.

Thus, the process of working of the hormones also plays a major role as in the way drugs are metabolised and their usage in the mere body. Women hormones therefore fluctuate mainly during the menstrual cycle with a sheer surrounding of menopause into the body, where the estrogen level for instance can also cause an inhibitory effect on the way of a woman’s liver breaking down as per the given medication. Therefore, the female body indeed is far more complicated than the male body and is very important to understand for the safety of the individual.

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