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Most structures such as residential houses or commercial buildings are made using brick, mortar, stone, and concrete in a particular way, then the process is called ‘masonry.’

A ‘masonry contractor manages the entire construction process. Most of the buildings we see around us, from houses, offices, schools, skyscrapers, and hospitals, result from masonry work. Masonry is said to be as old as agriculture, but now it has grown into a developed industry due to the influence of modern technology.

With the increasing population, there is a certain need for an infrastructure of houses for people to accommodate and support their lifestyles. Masonry contractors are in high demand and necessary for construction purposes and repair and reinstalling floors or walls.  

The Need to Hire Professional Masonry Contractor

Brick masonry is done by using bricks and bonding them with mortar. For long-lasting houses and buildings, lime or cement mortars are used. While constructing a house, you need to employ a general contractor who oversees every minor and major aspect from start to finish. The contractor may employ subcontractors for specific work, including carpentry, plumbing, electricity, and masonry, due to extensive work.

Masonry contractors Springhill FL are employed to form the basis of the house and use various materials such as brick, stone, concrete, and mortar. Some of the tasks for which you need to hire a masonry contractor are

  • Brick or block construction
  • Putting cement on the basement floors and driveways
  • Construct retaining walls and patios
  • Erect walls and chimneys

Masonry contractors work with the strongest building materials and ensure the structural integrity of the house and commercial buildings. The reason why most masonry contractors work with brick and mortar is


Homeowners know that the siding is waterproof for the long term, but the shingles get old, and the gaps allow penetration of moisture and other elements. The aluminum siding can easily get damaged due to extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, block and brick is quite dense and does not allow any moisture penetration


There are numerous methods of construction, but masonry is the easiest and most affordable to maintain. Brick and mortar can last for decades and only require repair that is not costly but economical. The cement driveways, for example, last for a long time and require only minor repairs.

Resale value

Brick and stone construction costs quite more than wood, but at the same time, it improves the value of the property considerably. Masonry contractors are experts in adding ‘brick veneer’ and add a subtle touch to the exterior of the house. The use of bricks and stones enhances the curb appeal of the house.

Energy efficiency

Many homeowners may not be familiar, but brick buildings are known to provide low heat and cold loss, which means less affordable climate control.


One of the biggest downsides of wooden houses is the risk of significant damage in storms, floods, or fires. Wood is a good conductor of heat, and if the fire is not put out, then the entire house can burn down. Concrete and brick houses, on the other hand, do not burn.

The Common Masonry Materials and Style

Employing services of expert masonry contractors means getting premium-quality; masonry work is labor-intensive and can cost more as compared to timber construction. But masonry work gives more value and improves the aesthetics of the house.

A masonry contractor will guide you on the type of masonry work required according to the design of the house and the type of ground on which construction will take place. The two main choices that masonry contractors look forward to are bricks and stones


Brick is considered the best building material for exterior wall finish and available in many varieties and colors. Bricks are commonly available and quite durable. Bricks have the advantage of not catching fire and not getting affected by termites. Bricks are used in the construction of columns, walls, chimneys, patios, and fireplaces.


Apart from bricks, the stone is another durable and attractive option. Stone construction can last for many years without any damage. However, the stone is not as widely available or cost-effective as a brick. Stone is common for various exterior masonry works and best for both interior and exterior flooring. Masonry contractors know how to work with stone according to the particular design of the floor or façade.


Another alternative to brick and stone is the concrete stone that appears to be brick or stone but is not. Masonry contractors prepare a mixture using cement, natural aggregates, and iron oxide pigments and then pour it into molds. The cultured stone is available in different styles and colors and looks quite realistic.

Concrete is common for the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. However, unlike brick, concrete is not waterproof, homeowners need to apply sealant after every 10 years. Some of the common problems for you need to call Masonry contractors Springhill FL is

  • Bulges and cracks due to pressure on the exterior side of the walls
  • Cracks that may start to appear due to vertical or horizontal stress on the walls
  • Damage to the mortar joints due to water penetration
  • Sinking or settling due to compaction of soil beneath the construction


Apart from construction, masonry contractors may also be employed to maintain, repair, and restore existing structures. The restoration work is needed for homes and buildings that are 30 or 40 years old. The common masonry tasks include the construction of walls, siding, patios, and walkways. The repair tasks include fixing cracks, reinstalling the floor, and replacing mortar.

Masonry work can be expensive depending on the type of building material used. For example, interior brick or stone walls cost around $1500 to $3000. The garden and retaining walls are even more expensive and range from $4000 to $8000.

Finding the best masonry contractor can take some time. You will want to hire an experienced and skilled mason who can procure all the building materials and finish the project within the allotted time and budget. You can search the internet to find masonry contractors near you, and you can also ask from family or friends who may have worked with a masonry contractor in the recent past.


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