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The Queen of Heaven has a red envelope group.

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Studio this kind of thing, can be seen at a glance, it can be said that Lin Yuliang is also his boss, he works for himself, this model falls into the eyes of interested people, immediately eyebrows jumped, feeling a new door opened in front of him, in the end what they are planning, they know in their hearts. But the star studio is too dependent on the influence of the pillar star itself. Now Jacob looked at Lu Zhenyue in front of him with a shocked face. He never thought that Lu Zhenyue, as a good friend, would be so ruthless. Opening ceremony after stealing handsome, Lin Yuliang is also some understanding, but as the heroine this is the first time. Her white dress and blue robe dress, in the crowd is also quite eye-catching, Lou Xiangru raised his eyebrows to look at her for a while, his face showed a playful expression, and glanced at Yin Ya. Yin Ya is also looking at her, eyes handover, hate to stare at her, Lou Xiangru Chong Yin Ya threw a wink,titanium machining parts, hook lips smile, looking at Yin Ya angrily put aside the eyes, just as if nothing had happened to take the eyes back. Sigh in the heart, this is really Jiangshan generation of talented people, ah, this little girl was Qin Feifan at a young age, is really promising, envy envy. Although they also walked smoothly all the way,metal stamping parts, but with each other, there is always a feeling of competing with each other. After thinking about Lin Yuliang, she was so young that she did not have her general fighting power in the same generation. It can be said that she was leading the way. Looking at the girl in front of him, most of the actors could not help but feel a little envy in their hearts. If the golden phoenix award to get the female match is the snipe and clam competing for the benefit of the fisherman, let Lin Yuliang pick up the cheap, they have not put Lin Yuliang in mind, but Lin Yuliang now, but has stood in a position that they can envy. Not only Lou Xiangru and Yin Ya, the actresses present looked at the beautiful girl who was younger than them, but higher than them, just a little worse than Mo Ge and Shi Kaori-envy! Jealous! After the opening ceremony, there is usually an opening scene. In order to get a good omen, this scene will not be too difficult, try to pass once and for all. Try to get all the shots done at once! Mo Ge arched his hand to Shi Kaori and said with a smile, die cast light housing ,Magnetic Drain Plug, “Show mercy.” Shi Kaori chuckled. “You're welcome.” Courtesy and restraint, grasp just right, since it will not appear that two people are not in harmony, there will be no excessive intimacy. Lin Yuliang stood aside, Qin Feifan shouted at the top of his voice with a loudspeaker. In this scene, Su Muyun gave his sword to Shi Xiangzhi and asked her to give it to the King of Nanjing in the capital. The blower was blowing hard in the corner, and the prop maker grabbed a handful of leaves and threw them out. The floating and rolling dead leaves showed a kind of dilapidated melancholy. Feng Qinglian took a complicated look at Su Muyun. “Have you decided?” Qin Feifan waved his hand, and immediately a long lens zoomed in on Feng Qinglian's face, although not young, but that kind of. Desire . Stop talking again ,. Desire . The feeling that the language is still resting I still expressed it at once. Su Muyun nodded gently, “trouble Qinglian, once the King of Nanjing sees..” He glanced at the sword in Feng Qinglian's hand. “He will understand.” There is a saying that a good man will meet his opponent. Mo song and when XiangZhi acting is recognized as strong, Lin Yuliang although and cramming a lot of movies about them, but the feeling of the scene, with the feeling of watching movies is not the same, can only say that these two people can be in the entertainment circle for so many years, but also the strength is strong, after all, limited by the lens and editing, on the screen to see things It's what the director wants you to see. Sometimes you can only see the expression on your face, but in this case, you can observe everything in all aspects. So, no matter what, even if it is a supporting role, the benefits of getting into the big crew are only known through personal experience. Although Guo Jianxin is also the best actor, it can be seen that there is still a big gap between the best actor and the best actor. Lin Yuliang stood quietly aside, nervous in the heart, a kind of indescribable excitement came out again. This scene passed quickly. But it also immediately plunged the crew into a kind of silence. Everyone who has a little pressure knows that if the crew can't play 200% of their strength this time, they will be crushed when they play with Shi Kaori and Mo Ge. Their scene shows that this time the film will absolutely go all out and will never show mercy. At this time, no one envied Lin Yuliang. Instead, a kind of schadenfreude emerged involuntarily in his heart: Even if Qin Feifan took a fancy to you and wanted to praise you, he also wanted to see who was playing with you. Under the acting skills of Mo Ge and Shi Kaori, he could still resist the pressure. Immediately someone looked forward to it, Lin Yuliang and Mo Ge Shi Kaori's opposite play is really a lot, the two female protagonists, if crushed too miserably into a single female protagonist, her role is not so enviable. Qin Feifan smiled and was obviously satisfied with the result of the shooting. He nodded slightly and looked at everyone: “I hope that in the next program, we can also cooperate happily like this!”! The shooting went well! There was immediate applause of approval below. Qin Feifan announced the dissolution, and took a meaningful look at Lin Yuliang, see her eyes seem to ignite a small flame, although the hands have been clenched into a fist, but without fear, but with a smile on the lips. He smiled as if nothing had happened, which saved him a lot of effort. Qin Feifan's eyes slowly passed over the actors below, although they all had a smile on their faces,socket screw plug, but their expressions were different. He is well-informed and doesn't know what these people are up to. He just doesn't care what these artists are thinking as long as they can meet his requirements in this film. However Even if the girl knows what the movie means, she dares to take it. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. 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