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Manik or precisely known as Ruby, is considered as the king of the gemstone. With the great cut and quality, ravishing color, manik is the hearthrob gemstone to the gem lovers. The gemstone is associated with the Sun, the king of Zodiac.  Manik is a precious stone and anyone can get easily attracted towards it. It has a spiritual power and is associated with true luxury. Manik is my favorite for its extremely beautiful color. The sun is said to be the nurturer and gives vital energy to everyone and is also the soul of Kalapurusha.

Natural ruby is costlier that colorless diamond and is also known as July birthstone according to the tradition in Western countries.

Let’s now discuss about the astrological benefits of manik gemstone

Ruby is the gemstone associated with the Sun. Sun is the signifier of name, fame, success and health. It blesses the wearer of this gemstone with good health, greater courage, self-confidence, success, name and fame. It also helps in improving relations with superior authority. Manik makes life smooth and easier and helps in improving paternal relations.

After wearing a manik, you can automatically witness great success and increased confidence. The Sun is considered as Aatamakaraka, and so the wearer of the gemstone is likely to see a boost in self-confidence. Individuals are likely to have support from the state, authority and administration after wearing a manik gemstone.

Effects of ruby stone in your life 

1) If you want to lead your life luxuriously and grandly, then manik can help you to get it and of course the Sun must have a favourable position in a natal chart.

2) If you are unable to set goals or can't foresight your work are probably to see the difference in that direction

3) It is recommended to those who want to attain and witness financial gains and enjoy luxury and materialistic things.

4) You can be more focused and determined in your work by wearing this stone.

However, before wearing manik gemstone or manik rings, you need to consult with a good astrologer because it has both positive and negative effects depending upon the position of the sun in the birth chart houses.  Visit Gem Selections for more information.


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