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You may have heard it said that the vast majority of digital marketers believe that SEO offers the highest long-term potential and the greatest ROI of all marketing channels.

But why? Why not social media, why not paid search advertising like PPC?

Well, for one, SEO, which uses search engines like Google, has a much greater reach. There are over 8 billion searches per day alone on Google.

It also has to do with the fact that so many people don’t trust paid search ads, and that social media platforms serve such niche markets.

Let’s take a look at why BigCommerce and Shopify SEO services just might be the best investment you’ll ever make for your eCommerce business.

More Investment, More Payout
No one would hide the fact that hiring an SEO agency has high upfront costs, arguably higher even than starting a PPC campaign or launching a social media marketing campaign.

But those higher upfront costs typically correspond to a much greater return on investment. Take, for instance, a strategic SEO campaign that targets 75 keywords.

That’s arguably going to cost more than a comparable social media or even email marketing campaign, but the results, if they materialize, will be immense.

Better rankings for 75 strategically isolated keywords will improve your online store for countless other variations containing the seed keywords, which will cast a wide net to gather a much larger traffic stream.

And, when keyword research isolates those relevant keywords and search terms that are associated with higher intent to purchase, your business will benefit in a big way through higher conversion rates and sales.

Lower Long-Term Costs
Search engine optimization, despite its high up-front costs, is generally associated with lower long-term costs.

Part is this is due to the positive effects of SEO strategies on domain authority. As you optimize your Shopify store or BigCommerce store’s product pages and category pages, and they begin to rank more effectively, domain authority will also increase.

Think of domain authority as gains that, once accrued, are difficult to lose. The higher your domain authority is, the harder it will be for you to lose rankings for competitive search terms.

It also makes it easier to rank for new terms competitively. So it takes a long time to get there, but once you’re there, you’re in a good spot.

This is not like PPC, in which you need to bid on keywords and pay for clicks. Your campaign will cost as much in five years as it does today – in fact, arguably more, because competition for the keywords you’re currently targeting will likely increase.

That’s not how it works with SEO since results are earned and not bought.

Increased Credibility and Trust, Greater Brand Authority
You can say what you want about social media platforms, but there is a relatively negative mystique across the board.

Moreover, up to (or perhaps even more than) 90% of online users will scroll right past ads on principle.

As it turns out, there are some people you can’t buy. They’re inherently more interested in organic search results because these seem more credible.

And, to be fair, it is a lot harder to rank organically than it is to just “buy” a position at the top with an ad. So, your customers may actually be right.

At any right, those higher organic impressions result in greater trust and make your website’s brand seem much more credible.

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