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A lot of SEO companies do not update their linking building sources as Google changes its algorithm, and Google is almost always changing its algorithm.


Google Is Always Trying To Improve Relevancy

In its early days, Google focused on keywords and keyword density, followed by the sheer number of backlinks you have. In 2022, the SEO landscape is completely different. Google is now focusing on the quality and usefulness of your content and how many real people your backlinks send to your website.


Why Organic Traffic Matters For Your Business in 2022.

Organic traffic matters from your backlinks, as it shows to Google that real people, real users are engaging with what you have written. This is important because it shows Google that your content is not just well written, but that it is also useful.


Why Does It Matter If My Content Is Useful?

To put it simply, high-quality websites will only link to content that is useful. And if no one is linking to your content, then few people will be reading your content. The moral of the story. make sure your content is useful! Write about what people will find interesting and you will naturally attract high-quality backlinks.


Why Does Getting Traffic From My Backlinks Matter?

Google isn’t perfect, so it depends on us to understand what is useful. When links naturally send users from one blog to another blog or website, this shows Google that the content is useful. As a bonus, if those users like the content you write, they will be likely to return and continue reading your content.


Local Backlinks Generate Local Traffic And Potential Customers

If you have a local service business, then you will want to find local directories and blogs to link to your content. Why? Well, simply put the more locals come to your website, the more awareness they will have of your business. If your content is useful and those locals like your content, then they might even share that content and buy from you.


These Ranking Signals Drive Business Growth

Great backlinks, useful content, user engagement, these signals will help you rank higher on Google. As a result, your entire website will rank higher for all of its keywords/services. The higher your rankings, the more traffic to your website that will convert into new business for you.


Your Next Steps

To get started writing useful content, you will need to start doing keyword research by using keyword research tools and talking to your clients. Find out what questions your customers have about your services, and then use keyword research tools to generate ideas for your content.

Once you know what you want to write, it’s time to actually write! Don’t fret though, if you aren’t a great writer or don’t have time, you can hire a copywriter. It’s the job of a copywriter to take your idea and turn it into a professional and informative or persuasive document. On average, a good copywriter costs about $50 – $150 per page of content. Finally, publish your blog post and share it so others can start reading it.


Too Busy To Get Started?

If you are simply too busy to write your own content, there is a simple solution – hire an SEO agency. Most SEO Agencies will handle all aspects of your SEO strategy – keyword research, copywriting, content marketing, link building, and more.

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