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The Repercussion of Buying Counterfeit Spare Parts

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When you buy a new truck or a car, it always comes with a genuine part. These components are safe to use, last longer, and improve the overall riding experience of the driver. However, the problem comes when you want to replace these spare parts in cases of faulty. Many dealers are selling fake spare parts just for the extra profit margin they are making on those products. The problem of counterfeit spare parts is not a new one. The consumer often buys these products to save extra money, but the consequences of these fake spare parts are huge. In this context, we will discuss the repercussion of using a fake or a local product.


  • Can Affect Warranty- Every vehicle you buy new comes with a year or more than a year warranty but using a non-genuine can void the warranty. Many automobile manufacturers clearly state that a warranty is only covered when consumers use the genuine product.
  • Road Accidents- It has been seen that the reason behind many accidents is the use of fake spare parts that don’t meet the industry standard. To save a little money, people endanger their and other lives, so always try to use a genuine product manufactured by the Truck Spare Parts in Delhi.
  • Bad Quality- Fake spares are sold at a very low price, as the company that makes them cut major corners to achieve that cheap price. Hence, they don’t last long and are of very bad quality, and in most cases, the consumer ends up spending more because of that single cheap product.


Counterfeit spares don’t meet the industry standard. Therefore, they always threaten your safety. Fake brake systems will not work as efficiently as the original ones and may lead to accidents. Because a good braking system helps your vehicle stop, brake disks are one of the most important components of your truck safety.

  • Genuine Tata Truck Parts in Delhi (brake components) are designed based on weight and acceleration; thus, using a natural spare part will make your truck safer on roads.
  • Also, the genuine spare parts of brake discs provide superior performance and complement safety features such as ABS.
  • Original spare parts are tested for maximum safety and durability.


The other important aspect for safety and comfortable ride is the Shock Absorbers. Counterfeit shock absorbers can seriously affect vehicle stability on the road.

  • Genuine Truck Spare Parts in Andhra Pradesh (Shock Absorbers parts) are manufactured with the vehicle in mind. They are made in accordance with the weight and the dynamics of your car.
  • Original shock absorbers are proven to last longer, saving you money in the long run.






Closing Lines

Buying a fake product is not a good option for your vehicle performance and your security on the road. So always insist on buying genuine Truck Spare Parts in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh for maximum safety and security.




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